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A dense armor made from a chemical mixture of Zynthium and other metals. Zynthium Plates provides the best defense.
  — In-Game Description 
Zynthium Plates I II III IV V
Mass 450t 675t 1,015t 1,525t 2,290t
Armor 1,575 2,365 3,555 5,340 8,015
Repair Time 26m 15s 39m 25s 59m 15s 1h 29m 2hr 13m 35s
Ship Lab Required VII VIII IX X X
Other Requirements Iridium Plates I Iridium Plates II Iridium Plates III Iridium Plates IV Iridium Plates V
Time 2d 2h 09m 52s 2d 21h 40m 22s 4d 46m 05s 5d 14h 24m
Mineral Ore 8,643,016 17,738,941 36,785,058 55,177,600
Antimatter 960,335 3,130,402 9,196,265 13,794,400
Time 7h 13m 26s 10h 1m 58s 13h 56m 5s 19h 21m 13s 1d 2h 52m 48s
Mineral Ore 532,776 1,185,945 2,433,974 5,005,888 7,508,832
Antimatter 0 0 270,442 1,251,472 1,877,208

Zynthium Plates I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


Zynthium Plates are the strongest base armor in the game that can be researched, only surpassed by the Capacitive plates blueprint. Players in their mid level stages finish unlocking this armor, and some will use it on their modules to have maximum possible health.

It is advised that Zynthium Plates be used as fast as you can as soon as you finish researching it. However, it also makes repairs increasingly long. However, base repairs cost nothing, so it makes no difference unlike ship repairs, which cost millions of helium-3 if equipped with end game technology.

Trivia Edit

  • Zynthium Plates are the second strongest base armor in the game, surpassed only by Capacitive plates.
  • They cost the most mineral ore and most time to research.
  • It previously was called Zynthium Alloy and so was the ship version, but was changed to Zynthium Plates after the removal of Zynthium to avoid confusion with Zynthium.

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