Zynthium   Zynthium Plates

A dense armor made from a chemical mixture of Zynthium and other metals. Zynthium provides the best defense.
  — In-Game Description 
Zynthium I II III IV V
Mass 80t 130t 210t 335t 535t
Health 320 495 760 1,150 1,740
Ship Lab Required VII VIII IX X X
Prerequisites Iridium I Iridium II Iridium III Iridium IV Iridium V
Time 27m 2h 31m 15h 11m 2d 17h 31m 5d 15h 30m
Helium-3 103,500 712,100 4,029,570 17,508,960 30,208,650
Antimatter 0 0 447,730 1,945,440 10,069,550
Time 2m 30s 8m 00s 36m 00s 2h 26m 00s 4h 59m 00s
Helium-3 10,420 71,330 403,128 1,751,166 3,021,225
Antimatter 0 0 44,792 194,574 1,007,075
Time 5m 20s 8m 15s 12m 40s 19m 10s 29m 00s

Zynthium I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


Zynthium is the final armor to be researched and unlocked, and the strongest armor that can be researched in the game. They are incredibly prevalent choice of armor being easy to get and offer significant protection. Players usually begin unlocking Zynthium when they have unlocked Nighthawk frigate.

Strategy and Setup


Zynthium is a researchable armor making it very easy to obtain and is very abundant with players. So unlike event armors which are very hard for mid-low level players Zynthium will always be available to get.

Along with this they give rather decent armor and can be equipped on all ships infinitely. The one of the few disadvantages about Skirmish Armor was that it was Iron Star Company Hulls only which limited its use. Civil war armors were limited in use which severely imited their use.


As Zynthium is the best researchable armor in the game, it is also the most costly to research and repair which makes very hefty repair times on hulls maxed with armor.

Zynthium is also easily outclassed by newer armors like the Skirmish Armor, Talonite Armor, or to some extent Civil war armors. These armors give higher armor and have less repair time then Zynthium.

However for lower players they can also take up precious mass in rebel hulls like the Revelation Cruiser which leaves less room for important shields, weapons, and specials.


  • Zynthium used to be a resource type, but was removed.
  • Zynthium has the highest health of any researchable ship armor so far.
  • It previously was called Zynthium Alloy and so was the base version, but was changed to Zynthium after the removal of the Zynthium (Resource), to avoid confusion with Zynthium Plates.
  • Zynthium is a pun for "Synthetic", and the -ium suffix used for elements including most metals. Zynthium effectively means synthetic super-material.


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