The Zeal Battleship sports a unique and recognizable design optimized for extra speed and agility. It's a stunning sight on the battlefield.
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The Zeal Battleship is a high level, tier four VEGA Security hull, and one of the tier four battleships. It was first released in the Espionage events, and it was also added to the riot rotation before finally added as a blueprint found by destroying level 50-55 VSec fleets.

Featuring plentiful of room for heavy weapons, Zeal battleships are cornerstone to any player's inventory who wishes to be competitive in fleet combat at high levels amongst strong alliances and accomplish feature events.


Stand out on the battlefield with the Zeal Battleship, Vsec's surprisingly agile heavy weapons platform.
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Like typical, high level battleships, they should avoid direct confrontation with enemy ships. Engage enemy warships from maximum range possible and immediately pull away from enemy ships as they draw close.

Zeal battleships are not very durable, but combined with an agility field, stasis weapons, Fusion thrusters and long range weapons - They are highly mobile, potent and have lower repair time in comparison with some other hulls. They can cripple ships and destroy them with impunity without taking any damage from afar.

Zeal battleships are usually escorted with a carrier in groups of four.

Almost every single high level player has a fleet of MK V Zeal or Dread battleships and are commonly seen in fleet combat, destroying VEGA and VSec fleets as well as event fleets. MK IV+ version of Zeal battleships are more commonly seen than the basic variant of it.

In fact, amongst many players, completing a fleet of MK V battleships is the unofficial threshold that separates a mid level player from a high level player.


The Zeal battleship is superior to the VEGA variant Dread Battleship. It has high health, mass and lower unladen mass.

Like the Dread battleship, a well equipped Zeal is fast, extremely versatile, possesses high range and deadly firepower. Its speed and firepower as well as bonus damage allows it to annihilate cruisers quickly despite their bonus armour points and extra armour and shield slots. Because of this, Zeals can destroy multiple fleets with little to no damage, especially true when targeting mid level fleets.

Like all other hulls, Zeal battleships must be upgraded to at least MK IV+ for its maximum potential. MK V Zeals are far superior to MK I Zeals with reduced weapon weight, extra room for equipment and bonus damage to cruisers as well as shield penetration.

Like Dread battleships, they are also versatile and can effectively fight cruisers, other battleships and even destroyers with an even battle outcome.

Battleships having fewer armour slots and a higher concentration of mass focused on weapons gives it lower repair time than other hulls.

A fleet of MK V Zeals is considered a high level fleet and common in large clashes of strong alliances. Despite the release of Vigilante Battleships and Hellfire Battleships, Zeal battleships are still effective and strong.


Zeal battleships are commonly overrun and annihilated by high speed cutters. MK V Gharial Cutters and MK V Komodo Cutters and above are most ideal for dealing with MK V Zeals.

Zeals take a hefty amount of time and resources to build and upgrade to MK V but are certainly worth it.


Common weapons are Vector Torpedoes, Aurora Rays and ECHO Rays. Volatile Fuel or Focused Optics V are essential weapon boosters on battleships depending on the weapons chosen. Zeal battleships are commonly equipped with stasis weapons such as the NET Torpedo and Arrestor Beam. These weapon setups are common on Dread and Vigilante battleships as well.

Most players equip Spectral Shield V or Metaphase Shield III for shielding.

Fusion Thrusters III are essential, you must equip this.

Zeal battleships should not be used in base attacks.


  • The Zeal battleship looks similar, but not completely, like a dropship (the Spirit dropship) used by the Covenant in Halo: Reach, Halo Wars, Halo: CE (A) and Halo 5: Guardians.
  • Despite KIXEYE stating the Zeal Battleship was faster than 290 m/s, the final speed was, in fact, 290 m/s, the same as a Dread Battleship.
  • It is the first battleship to feature a split-hull design with a central pylon connecting the two sections.