By compacting weapons munitions, Xeno Munitions causes the spread to remain tighter during travel and also produces a larger area of detonations upon delivery.
  — In-Game Description 
Xeno Munitions I II
Mass 3% weapon mass 4% weapon mass
Spread -25% -50%
AoE Radius +25% +50%
Shield Bypass +25% +30%
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Alien Mobilization (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Tech Lab Required VI VIII
Time 1d 2d
Helium-3 3,113,840 4,670,760
Antimatter 1,167,690 1,751,535

Xeno Munitions I, and II Respectively


Xeno Munitions is a weapon special for Alien weapons that has been developed by the Xeno Division. It was first available in Alien Decimation, and is used to reduce the spread and buff the AoE of alien weaponry. With the April patch notes it now includes Shield bypass.

Strategy and Setup


Xeno Munitions is the first special to reduce the spread of alien weapons. This is essential for the Xeno Cluster Missile as shots will often miss without this special equipped.

They also increase AoE to add a even higher chance that the projectile will hit the target which is interesting for what it will do to the Xeno Disintegrator Cannon.

With the new April patch notes it also has a shield bypass which further increases its effectiveness in combat. This along with the Xeno Cluster Missile's Armor damage can deal massive armor damage while the shields are still up for a few seconds.

It also adds a very minimal weight % to the hull which saves ALOT of mass.


The only real disadvantage is that only the it was made specifically for the Xeno Cluster Missile making other alien weapons have really no added benefits with this weapon.


  • This is the first special for Alien Weapons.
  • This is the first weapon special developed by the Xeno Division.
  • This is the first special to reduce weapon spreads.
    • It was then reduced further due to the effect not providing a significant enough effect.
  • Following the April Patch Notes it now has shield bypass.


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