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Hear me my Loyal Soldiers! Do not temper your hunger - do not give in to those that whisper and doubt! Midnight has already struck. The dawn of our Greatness has arrived! COMMENCE ORDER XENO-01.
  — General Geir 

General Edit

The Xeno Division is a new faction introduced in the event Vengeance, and the first Tier 6 faction. They make use of a fusion of both VEGA and Alien tech in order to create powerful weapons and ships to easily lay waste to enemy forces.

The Xeno Division was formed by Geir, after he was dismissed as head of the Demon Corps, and are hell bent on destroying the entire VEGA Corporation.

History Edit

Prior to the event Vengeance, Geir was dismissed for conspiracy to perform treason and conducting illegal experiments, and he became a fugitive. Geir delved deeper into his research on the Aliens, known as Colony 47, hoping to use Alien technology to further advance human technology by light years.

His attempts were successful, and now With the Xeno-Division and Aliens under him, he is ready to send his forces through the Wormholes, in a large scale assault to finally bring the VEGA Corporation and Miner Rebellion to his knees.

During Vengeance, General Geir sent forth Alien Reaper fleets from the wormholes, the Alien Reapers extreme speed caught most of the rebels off guard, but already knowing what to expect courtesy of intelligence provided by Larus, the rebels were able to easily repel the assault by the Aliens.

Now, prior to the Resurrection, Geir has lost control of the Aliens, and has proposed that the Miner Rebellion form an alliance with the Xeno Division. If rebels attack aliens and gain intel, he claims that he will give the rebels Xeno Division technology with "no strings attached". The rebels wait to see if he holds up his end of the deal.

Ships and Technology Edit

The Xeno Division is well known for mingling Human technology with Alien Technology, and generally focus around the principle of having a heavily armed ship to absorb damage while at the same time, having offense oriented ships take care of the enemy forces.

Their Cruiser, the Punisher Cruiser, is the epitome of survival, with extremely high base health and access to Talonite Armor, as well as resistance to alien weaponry.

Their cutter, the Decimator Cutter, is a devastating cutter with a massive 5 Weapon slots, 3 Armor slots, 1 Shield slot, 3 Special slots, and 1 Resistance slot on Mk I alone. They also have access to powerful Blitz Thrusters which give them a 80 m/s buff to combat speed, enabling the Decimator to rapidly close the distance between Barrage Hives and blow them apart.

Their Battleship, The Annihilator Battleship, improves upon the already deadly Hellfire Battleship, possessing 7 Weapon slots, 3 Special Slots and a shield and armor slot. Combined together with its dual firing arc and inherent Resistance to Alien weapons, the Annihilator will easily make short work of Alien Reapers.

The rest of the hulls fielded by the Xeno Division are unknown as of now, but are more offense based, and are designed to be paired with the Punisher, with the Punisher taking the hits, and the other ships taking advantage of the durability to deal damage.

Notable Figures Edit

The Xeno Division is led by none other than the one who created and discovered them, Geir himself.

Trivia Edit

  • The Xeno Division is the first tier 6 faction.
  • Some people thought that the Alien Hulls would be made available with the release of the faction.
  • The Miner Rebellion are allied to the Xeno Division, as of Resurrection.


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