Short range weapon used by the Xeno Division with built armor plating to increase ship durability in combat.
  — In-Game Description 
Xeno Disintegrator Cannon ....I.... ....II....
Mass 1,386t 1,782t
DPS 143 214
DPH 119 178
DPV 714 1070
Armor Bonus 693 891
Range 0-4,250m
Projectile Speed 3,500 m/s
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Alien Decimation)
Arms Lab Required I I
Intel Required 75,000 110,000
Time 16h 1d
Helium-3 7,629,384 8,106,221
Antimatter 2,543,128 2,802,074
Repair 2m 53s 3m 42s

Xeno Disintegrator Cannon I, and II Respectively


The Xeno Disintegrator Cannon by the Xeno Division. It is a variant of Disintegrator Cannon. It's very similar to the Disintegrator Cannon, except it's yellow has been replaced with green. A fast firing weapon with improved health bonus, DPS, and uses alien type damage.

Strategy and Setup


With the High amount of DPS in addition to the Alien Damage type which Nothing (not even shields) can defend against with the exception of Xeno Division Hulls, the Xeno Disintegrator Cannon is able to deal massive damage to incoming ships and take them out in merely a few volleys.

Plus, it has decent range (The amount equal to the Disintegrator Cannon with Focused Optics V), allowing it to deal damage to enemies from a greater distance as compared to the normal Disintegrator.

In addition, it also provides a greater armor bonus as compared to the normal Disintegrator Cannon, allowing ships mounted with it to survive even longer.


The Xeno Disintegrator Cannon does Alien Damage, which means that Specials from other weapon types do not enhance It in anyway (For example, Focused optics does not increase its range). The fact that it is alien damage will make it terrible against highly marked up Xeno Division Hulls as they will have a 50% resistance to your damage.

To add to this, if one fights a fleet of Mk VI Punisher Cruisers with weapons that don't deal Alien damage you will almost always lose, as the Punisher has a 50% Alien resist which will hinder your damage drastically.

Also, the Xeno Disintegrator Cannon, like its cousin, can only be equipped on the Punisher Cruiser, limiting the amount of options it has. It is also a reuseable item which hinders your options even more because it gives you a set amount to work with.


As Punisher Cruisers need to have alot of armor try to balance all your stats out. A Metaphase Shield III and II (Or None) is plenty as shields fall too quickly to be useful in PvP. Try to put EXAL Heavy Talonite Armor II and put Xeno Disintegrator Cannon II x2 and I x2.

When later marked up try to add II x4 and max out the armor potential on the Punisher. Removing the shield also isn't a terrible idea to save mass.


  • It is the first weapon to be an exact replica of a counterpart weapon, but be recolored.
  • The Xeno Fusion Disintegrator Cannon was the original name of the weapon, but got renamed during the VEGA Conflict March 1, 2017 update.
  • The Xeno Disintegrator Cannon is the first ever weapon to use alien damage available to players.
  • The Xeno Disintegrator Cannon is the second weapon to provide it's ship with a health boost.
  • The Xeno Disintegrator Cannon is the second piece of equipment to have only 2 levels.
  • The Xeno Disintegrator Cannon's existence was discovered in a forum post by Larus, revealing Geir's secret Demon Corps Intel.


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