Beam Capacitor   Xeno Beam Capacitor

Fusion Xeno technology with a Beam Capacitor further reduces charge time of Alien weapons. This process has an added effect which disrupts enemy squadrons.
  — In-Game Description 
Xeno Beam Capacitor I II
Mass 4% weapon mass 5% weapon mass
Charge Time -20% -30%
Squadron Damage +15% +30%
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Ascension (Store),
Alien Mobilization (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Tech Lab Required VI VIII
Time 1d 2d
Helium-3 7,784,600 9,341,520
Antimatter 2,919,225 3,503,070

Xeno Beam Capacitor I and II Respectively


The Xeno Beam Capacitor is a variant of the Beam Capacitor special for energy weapons that has been developed by the Xeno Division, that has been modified to affect alien weapons instead. It was released in Alien Decimation.

Strategy and Setup


Xeno Beam Capacitor is the first special to reduce the charge of alien weapons. This is essential for the Xeno Rupture Beam as beam weapons often suffer due to their charge up and steady release of DPS which is hard to kite with. They also add 10% more compared to Beam Capacitor.

Its squadron boost doesn't help very much as the Xeno Rupture Beam can easily 1 shot an individual squadron but still is terrible against swarms of them.

It also adds a very minimal weight % to the hull which saves ALOT of mass.


The only disbenefit, besides the useless squadron upgrade is the fact that it was specifically made for the Xeno Rupture Beam meaning it is useless if you don't have it.



  • This Special was first hinted in the April Release notes.
  • Its squadron benefit is considered completely worthless by many players.
  • It shares the same build time with Xeno Munitions which are both the longest build time needed for a special.

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