Armored Hold   Xeno Armored Hold

Xeno Division applied its heavy armor to cargo hold upgrades to help with resource collection.
  — In-Game Description 
Xeno Armored Hold I II III
Mass 853t 1,243t 1,766t
Cargo Capacity 975,000t 1,381,000t 1,909,000t
Health 1,171 1,581 1,933
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Available in
Eradication (Store)
Ship Lab Required VII VIII IX
Time 5h 11m 7h 15m 9h 04m
Helium-3 1,724,530 2,586,795 3,449,060
Antimatter 548,714 823,071 1,097,428
Time 9m 46s 13m 11s 16m 07s

Xeno Armored Hold I, II, and III Respectively


The Xeno Armored Hold is an advanced variant of the Armored Hold Special, built by the Xeno Division. It's based off the Armored Hold but with a massive increase in cargo capacity and armor making it an amazing way to farm cargo.

Strategy and Setup


Xeno Armored Hold as a MASSIVE amount of cargo capacity, level III is the same amount as 4.6 Basic Cargo V. This massive amount of cargo could easily drain bases or quickly grab cargo away from players due to its high amount it can hold. Bases are a prime target due to its 500% bonus res.

6x Xeno Hulls with 3x Level III equipped attacking bases would add up to absurd amounts as you would be Tripling 2 mil then x6 that number and then adding the 500% gained from bases. On an Annihilator Mk I this amounts to 152 mil stolen from each attack.

It also adds armor along with this. This makes your hulls even more tanky against damage. This can make redemption even harder on Xeno Hulls as they are extremely armored and every deadly with their overshadowing tech.


It however is very heavy, this makes it almost never a good choice to put on a PvP fleet as that extra 2k tons would be better used on armor or weapons which both are more important by themself. This means only a dedicated cargo fleet can truly use this special fully and the cargo fleet will be very high leveled.

The dedicated cargo fleet will however take almost 60 Days to build which is better used on building the latest hulls or refitting hulls to the new tech. This usually takes a very long time, by the time you have the time to build one the next Tier of ships would of probably come out making them very rare to see unless it is coined.

Its armor also adds repair time. It isn't very unappealing as repair times have gotten out of hand in the current Meta of VEGA so 20m isn't as much as it was back then.

It also is for Xeno Division Hulls only limiting its uses.


If one wishes to build a cargo fleet for this 6x Decimator Cutters with 3x Xeno Armored Hold III is the best choice due to its low build time and fast speed to run away. This fleet if armed can also try to steal res from bases but an Exterminator Destroyer with 3x Xeno Armored Hold III would be better at this job.

The amount of cargo stolen will be massive and can steal entire cargo or worse attack bases and steal almost all their res in a couple of attacks.



  • This is the first Cargo special to receive a Xeno Variant.
  • The massive cargo capacity would be able to drain entire bases in a couple of attacks due to its high cargo steal. 6x the Hull with 3x Xeno Armored Hold + the 500% gained from bases would amount to massive numbers

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