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The Wormhole Drive type-O allows the Javelin Flagship to travel across sectors, bringing it's escorts with it. It is required for the flagship to function.
  — In-Game Description 
Wormhole Driver Type-O I
Mass 250t
Escort 4
Warmup 10s
Cooldown 60s
Minimum Range 1 AU
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Zero Hour)
Appearence Pre-Built Javelin Flagships
Repair 10h

Wormhole Drive Type-O I Respectively

General Edit

The Wormhole Drive Type-O is a flagship utility that are pre-built on the Javelin Flagship. Only the MK I variant was ever released, and it first appeared in the event Zero Hour.

It has the functionality to warp inside a sector, from any location to any destination, carrying along a maximum of four escorts no matter the level.

It is easily outclassed by its predecessors the wormhole drive type-E and wormhole blitz drive as they have faster jumps, give buffs, and have better overall worth.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

The Wormhole Drive Type-O is the most abundant and quickest to use drive as it is pre-installed into ones Javelin Flagship.

Just like other drives they are a immense tool in farming, enabling the player to get to supply run or cargo fleets faster then normal. In PvP, it also serves as a carrier of fleets which can quickly get into battle, to retreat or jump past blockades.

Disadvantages: Edit

However, just like other drives it has a extremely long repair making it devastating to have destroyed as you will have at least 12 hours of repair.

Along with this, if one tries to un-equip or replace the drive it is impossible to get it back. It also is easily outclassed by the better wormhole drive type-E or wormhole blitz drive which are faster, better, and give buffs which this drive does not give.

It also requires a alliance and a captains permit to use. This will often make these hulls useless if you have no alliance or are in bigger ones which cant support that many permits making it hard to manage with on bigger players.

Trivia Edit

  • Type-O could mean type original, denoting the first of its kind as a wormhole drive.
  • Some consider this drive to be a beta version and for the wormhole drive type-E to be its predecessor.


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