The Wormhole Drive Type-O allows the Javelin Flagship to travel across sectors, bringing its escorts with it. It is required for the flagship to function.
  — In-Game Description 


Wormhole Drive Type-O I
Mass 250 t
Escort Flagship Min. Level 20
Escort Limit 4
Warmup 10 s
Cooldown 60 s
Min. Range 1 AU
Hull XP 0 XP
Restricted to VEGA Mining
EQUIP ModuleRefit
Time Time 5s
Helium-3 Helium3 0
Antimatter Antimatter 0
Time Time 10h 00m


The Wormhole Drive Type-O is basic ship operations technology for the Javelin Flagship, automatically unlocked upon starting the game.

It grants the flagship functionality to warp anywhere on the same sector map, carrying along a maximum of 4 escorts regardless of level.

Strategy and Setup


The Wormhole Drive Type-O is the cheapest drive to use because it can be instantly refitted onto your ships for no resource cost.

Wormhole Drives are immense tools for PvE farming, enabling players to reach NPC Targets across the sector in a snap. In PvP, they also serve as a carrier of fleets which can quickly get into battle, to retreat or jump past blockades.


The Wormhole Drive Type-O is easily outclassed by the Wormhole Drive Type-E and Wormhole Blitz Drive, which are faster and/or give additional buffs.

Wormhole Drives have an extremely long repair time, making it devastating to lose a Javelin Flagship.


  • The Wormhole Driver Type-O is pre-built onto the Javelin Flagship when directly obtained through Zero Hour.
  • Type-O could mean "Type-Original", denoting the first of its kind as a wormhole drive.