The Wormhole Drive Type-E is an enhanced drive that allows a greater number of escorts to accompany the Javelin Flagship.
  — In-Game Description 
Wormhole Driver Type-E I II III
Mass 300t 400t 500t
Escort 6 8 10
Warmup 10s 8s 6s
Cooldown 60s 45s 30s
Minimum Range 1 AU
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Devastation and Alien Decimation)
Intel Required 50,000 200,000 500,000
Time 4d 4d 12h 5d
Helium-3 224,928 636,591 1,319,992
Antimatter 24,992 112,340 329,998
Repair 10h 10h 10h

Type E Wormhole Drive I, II, and III

General Edit

The Wormhole Drive Type-E is a flagship utility which can be equipped on the Javelin Flagship with all three tiers of it being reusable items being available in Devastation. It is of VEGA Corporation design and has a faster charge up and cooldown time compared to the other Wormhole drives.

It has the functionality to warp inside a sector, from any location to any destination, it also imbues a ability to carry more then the standard 4 escorts making it useful for both PvP and farming. It is by far the best operation currently in the game

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

The biggest advantage the Wormhole Drive Type-E has is that it can carry up to 10 escorts on one ship. This means you can carry more cargo fleets and carry more war fleets in the sector. It also along with this as a very fast 6 second jump across the sector which makes it better then the original Wormhole Drive Type-O.

Disadvantages: Edit

However, just like other drives it has a EXTREMELY long build and repair making it devastating to have destroyed as you will have at least 11 hours and 40 minutes of repair. It also has a long build time making it hard to swap drives in periods of time.

Along with this, they are limited in number. Unlike blueprints, players cannot equip them limitless on their ships, the number they can equip depends on the amount of Blitz drive items they have. They are also incredibly hard to get as the you can only have 1 of each level and the event fleets in Devastation were rather hard on higher levels.

It also requires a alliance and a captains permit to use. This will often make these hulls useless if you have no alliance or are in bigger ones which cant support that many permits.Making it hard to manage with on bigger players.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first operation to offer a escort bypass of more than 4.
    • It is also the first operation to offer a cooldown of less than 60 seconds.
  • The Wormhole Drive Type-E is considered the predecessor of the Wormhole Drive Type-O

Gallery Edit

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