Base squadrons, or wings, are the base counterpart of ship squadrons. They are launched from hangar slots in various modules to defend a base. Base squadrons have limited range and flight time and can be destroyed using conventional weaponry, but not other squadrons. When the squadron runs out of fuel or is destroyed, it returns to its launch site for maintenance and is discharged after a brief moment.

Base squadrons are rather advanced, hence most of them are unavailable for research in the Arms Lab. These base squadrons are instead offered in events.

Energy Squadrons


Fighter Wing

A rudimentary Energy squadron with low durability and short flight time, but travels very quickly.

Explosive Squadrons


Bomber Wing

A popular Explosive squadron with good overall stats and is quite durable.

Projectile Squadrons


Interceptor Wing

A Projectile squadron that can be deployed from extreme range and deals moderate damage. It travels rather slowly, however.

Spectre Wing

An advanced Projectile squadron that flanks its enemies from extreme range. It is very durable and has increased shield bypass, but is also rather slow.

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