Weapons are the primary damage source in the game. They deal direct damage by firing projectiles at enemies.

Most projectiles are conventional, meaning that they have a finite speed and inflict damage by direct impact. These projectiles travel slightly beyond the listed maximum range.

Some conventional projectiles have an area of effect. Upon impact or reaching maximum travelling distance, they explode and deal damage to any ships caught in the area of effect. This damage is the same as the damage from a direct impact, regardless of distance. If a ship is directly hit by a weapon with an area of effect, it only takes damage equivalent to a normal direct impact.

Beams are the only non-conventional projectile. They effectively travel at infinite speed and automatically hit the target, dealing continuous damage.

All weapons have a certain damage type, this is closely linked to the function of weapon boosts and resistances. See Category:Damage Boosting and Category:Damage Resistant respectively for more information.


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