The Voyager Corvette is a sleek design, popular on the frontier thanks to its low production cost and a wide field of fire.
  — In-game Description 
Voyager Corvette
Voyager Corvette
Faction Miner Rebellion
Hull Tier 1
Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 1
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 0
Health 15
Unladen Mass 10 t
Max Mass 110 t
Max Cargo 6,000 t
Firing Arc 360 deg
Combat Speed 300 m/s
Turning Speed 30 deg/s
Strafe Speed 140 m/s
Sector Speed 240 AU/h
Modifiers None
Requirements None
Time None
Helium-3 None
Antimatter None
Time 1m 30s
Helium-3 1,000
Antimatter 0
Time 15 s


The Voyager Corvette is the first hull you will unlock, and does not need to be researched at the ship laboratory. It is a Miner Rebellion hull. 

Voyagers are very cheap and very spammy to use as they cost a little amount of resources to build and also have an instant repair. They are typically replaced by Harriers frigates and Genesis cruisers after a week of use. 

Strategy and Setup


Like the Pathfinder Corvette, many uses after the Grand Rebalance have been completely wiped out as it cannot even outrun a Cruiser anymore. They are still a very nice hull for beginners until they unlock the far superior Genesis Cruiser.

Like the Pathfinder Corvette, these usually are also used as a decoy to distract the enemy long enough to create a good formation, though this is only for PvE and if you try this in PvP it won't work.


Like stated above, the Voyager was nerfed considerably in its speed so that it cannot even outrun the Genesis Cruiser anymore. Most lower level players used this to outrun slow cruisers and kite them and now with the speed change it is almost instantly replaced now.

The Voyager also has incredibly weak stats, another reason to instantly replace them with Genesis Cruisers instead. Overall, it is a low level spam ship that is easily replaced in a few days.


See Voyager Corvette Builds for more info


  • It is possible to attach Scatter missiles on these ships with 0t left.
  • They are one of the only build-able ships with 360 degree firing arcs, the other being the Suppressor.
  • They used to be able to defeat very high level VEGA cargo fleets
  • The Voyager Corvette is the only corvette-class build-able vessel as the Destiny Corvette was renamed the Destiny cruiser.
  • You receive two free ones at the beginning of the game to start.