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Vega conflict wikia

Greetings to all rebels that come here to seek for wisdom. Fear not, for you will be enlightened here.

  • Established on 8 March 2013 by an unknown supercomputer, Vega Conflict Wikia has been Rebel's ideal source of information to overthrow the VEGA Corporation Empire.
  • In order to create an ever-expanding source of information, any rebel is given rights to edit on this wiki but are suggested to follow the rules to avoid termination.
  • Anonymous contributors are encouraged to register for an account, in order for your contributions to be recognized amongst the rebels.

Information Storage


Crafting New

Crafting Material Fleets

New Fleet

Iron Star Company

ISC Armament

Miner Rebellion Hulls

Fury Battleship

VEGA Corporation Hulls

Dread Battleship

VEGA Security Hulls

Zeal Battleship

Miner Rebellion Weapons

Mass Driver V

VEGA Corporation Weapons

Thermal II

VEGA Security Weapons

SICO Missile III




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Game Features

Blood Amber Front Page

VEGA Conflict Characters

Event Front Page

Base Modules




VEGA Conflict Trailer-001:11

VEGA Conflict Trailer-0

Battle Anywhere

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