Vector Torpedo   Vector Torpedo Turret

The Vector Torpedo Turret is a heavy version of the VSec Explosive weapon with torpedoes that can alter their vectors in mid-flight.
  — In-Game Description 
Vector Torpedo Turret I II III
Mass 492t 860t 1,500t
DPS 39 68 120
DPV 273 476 840
Range 3,200-7,800 m
Projectile Speed 1,100 m/s
AoE Radius 400 m
Spread 0 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 3.0 / R: 4.0 / N: 4
Sound Effects
Weap fire gmissile 01
Weap fire gmissile 02
Weap fire gmissile 03
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Emergence (Store),
Conspiracy (Store),
Zero Hour (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Planet Strike (Store)
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX
Time 1h 55m 10s 17h 16m 50s
Mineral Ore 2,508,613 10,038,235
Antimatter 442,696 4,302,101
Vector 1+2+3

Vector Torpedo Turret I, II, and III, Respectively. It looks identical to the ship version


Vectorturret 1

Multiple Vector torpedoes converging on their targets

The Vector Torpedo Turret is an event Explosive weapon. It is available in the event Emergence. It serves as the base counterpart of the Vector torpedo.

It fires five torpedoes in succession, before a momentary reload period, which travel at a moderate speed to their targets, adjusting their trajectory as the target moves, homing in. Some fast ships can dodge them, particularly at long range. Vector torpedoes have an orange trail like most missiles. They are common base turrets among medium level players.

Strategy and Setup


Vector torpedo turrets are powerful, in that they deal a significant amount of damage and are very difficult to dodge. They serve as viable replacements for the Gladius driver turret and Fusion torpedo turret for destroying fleets at long ranges, due to their high accuracy.

While the Vector turrets have a low fire rate and modest projectile speed, they are very reliable. They have a very consistent damage output because they rarely miss their targets - they do not require the support of Arrestor beam turrets to ensure a hit, and so players can devote more combat modules to purely offensive weaponry.

They are of moderate weight, but combat modules can still be equipped with a fair amount of armor and shielding. Vector torpedoes in large numbers can quickly deplete the shields of any target, including decoy cruisers, and can wreak havoc against a line of destroyers should they be exposed.


Vector torpedoes have a significant minimum range, but their blind spots can be covered with shorter-ranged turrets such as Tachyon beam turrets or SICO missile turrets. Combat modules can be spread out around the base to cover each other's blind spots.

Its range is also just barely able to outrange snipers. Sniper decoys will usually only have 2 turrets firing on them when sniping enemy turrets unlike projectile turrets which usually barrage the decoys, however these missils are impossible to dodge with strafing.

Its DPS is severely lacking, it has too low of a DPS to deal real damage against Xeno Division Hulls the current meta of the game. Storm Driver Turrets or Rupture Beam Turrets are much better at dealing against Xeno hulls and are usually better replacements for Anti sniping or rushing.


Due to its tracking ability and decent range no special is required for this turret. This means you can go all out on armor and shields. High level Capacitive Plates or Talonite Plates is recommended along with a Metaphase Field I to stop a considerable amount of chip damage.

Vector Torpedo Turrets should be in the middle or outermost edges of your base to ensure a better coverage against snipers or rushing foes. Do note spamming full Vector is not recommended due to its low damage output.



  • The level I version costs no res which is very interesting for such a mid tier turret.
  • The Vector Torpedo Turret was once the most popular turret in the game but was replaced once the Storm Driver Turret came out, however some players still uses Vector Torpedo Turret to have a low level base

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