The VEGA Suspicious Freighter is a VEGA Mining cargo ship that appears in the VEGA suspicious cargo fleets in Alien Decimation.

They were carrying alien technology which VEGA has experimented on and lost control of.

It has not been seen or launched by VEGA after Alien Decimation underwent a revamp.


The Suspicious Freighter is armed with two long-range Disruptor Rays (25,000 m max range) for self-defense. Although they have a battleship firing arc with extremely long range capable of drastically outranging carriers, the fact that the suspicious freighter is armed with Pulse rays simply makes it easy prey for any other ship as they do such little damage.

To compensate for this, VEGA Corporation always places a heavy escort with the ship, consisting of three MK V Basilisk Cutters, two Hellfire Battleships and two Damocles Destroyers.

VEGA also escorts the suspicious cargo fleet with four aggressive and heavily armed Demon Corps escort fleets, although fast moving fleets can intercept the suspicious cargo before the escort fleets have a chance to respond.

Also, the Suspicious Freighter has a lot of health and shields, which can make it relatively hard to destroy in the short time window considering players only have three minutes to destroy the entire suspicious cargo fleet, and players will take most of the time dealing with its escort. Along with this, the ship often runs far behind enemy lines and thus lots of time is wasted catching up to the cargo freighter.


  • It is arguably the largest hull currently in the game along with the Alien Harvester.
  • When destroyed, the VEGA Suspicious Freighter explodes in 3 sections, unlike a normal hull which only has 1 explosion.
  • The VEGA Suspicious Freighter is the second flagship in the game, but is however unobtainable as of now. It only appears as a NPC ship during the Alien Decimation event.
  • The VEGA Suspicious Freighter has not been seen ever since Alien Decimation underwent a revamp.