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VSEC or VEGA security ship weapons are moderately more powerful or of equal strength in comparison to weapons from VEGA Corporation. They developed and deployed by the VEGA security overwatch. They are obtained from defeating the significantly stronger VSEC fleets that drop blueprints or during Events as well as recurring riots. The list of them are found here:

Echo 3


A long range energy weapon. The lasers fired ricochet off targets, increasing the amount of damage dealt greatly against groups of ships.

SICO Missile

A medium ranged, missile weapon that continuously fires rockets with high explosive radius at its target.
AP 3

AP Driver

A long range, low damage projectile weapon, however, the shells fired can piercing through many targets.
NET Torpedo III

NET Torpedo

The NET Torpedo fires large, slow moving, red orbs at their targets. The orbs inflict minimal damage but greatly reduces the speed of ships in its explosive radius.
Wave Driver III (2)

Wave Driver

A long range projectile weapon that fires special shells with the innate shield bypass ability, dealing a partial amount of its damage directly to armor.
Vector Torp 3

Vector Torpedo

Launches a single, torpedo at its target at long ranges. It inflicts a moderately high amount of damage and rarely ever misses.
Arrest 3

Arrestor Beam

Charges and fires a special beam that greatly reduces the speed of its target. It has medium range and never misses.
Arc 11

Arc Missile

Arc missiles fires unguided missiles in formation. They have a very high explosive radius and possess innate shield bypass attributes.
Aurora Ray III

Aurora Ray

A powerful and popular weapon that fires pre-ionized energy blasts at its target. It never misses and has relatively high range.
Gatling Ray III

Gatling Ray

A powerful energy weapon that fires a sustained volley of fire at its target.


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