Miner Rebellion base weapons were developed by VEGA Security as a response to the growing Miner Rebellion. They are one step up over VEGA Mining Base Weapons.

Energy Weapons


ECHO Ray Turret

A destructive Energy weapon, firing short-range lasers that can bounce over multiple targets.

Gatling Ray Turret

A short-range Energy weapon with the ability to pierce targets using its powerful energy pellets.

Brutal Gatling Ray Turret

An improved Gatling Ray Turret with extra damage output.

Explosive Weapons


SICO Missile Turret

A strong Explosive weapon which shoots a continuous barrage of medium-range missiles with large AoE.

Frenzied SICO Missile Turret

An improved SICO Missile Turret with extra damage output.

NET Torpedo Turret

A special Explosive weapon that can slow down multiple groups of enemies from long range with a spread of stasis orbs.

Vector Torpedo Turret

A highly accurate Explosive weapon. Releases a series of homing torpedoes from long range.

Arc Missile Turret

A long-range Explosive weapon that launches a formation of lightly-damaging missiles. These missiles have extra shield bypass.

Projectile Weapons


AP Driver Turret

A relatively weak Projectile weapon, but can make up for it with its piercing shells, hitting multiple targets in a line from very long range.

Boosted AP Driver Turret

An improved AP Driver Turret with increased damage output.

Wave Driver Turret

A Projectile weapon with very long range. Its rounds are specially designed to bypass shields.

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