VSEC or VEGA Security base weapons are moderately more powerful than regular blueprints. They are obtained from defeating the significantly stronger VSEC fleets, or during Events and procuring the blueprints.

Base Weapons

Echo 3

ECHO Ray Turret

Fires a laser that ricochets off targets at short ranges, increasing its total damage against groups of targets.

SICO Missile Turret

Fires a constant barrage of highly explosive and powerful rockets at their targets at medium range.
Vector Torp 3

Vector Torpedo Turret

Launches volleys of guided torpedoes at medium to long ranges. They never miss unless their target is exceptionally fast.
Gatling Turret1

Gatling Ray Turret

A short ranged, energy turret that fires powerful energy blasts that can puncture through a single target.
Arc Turret1

Arc Missile Turret

Launches five highly explosive missiles in formation at long ranges. They have innate shield bypass.
NET Turret1

NET Torpedo Turret

Fires a large, explosive red orb that upon detonation, inflicts stasis effect against all ships in proximity. It inflicts minimal damage.
Wave Turret2

Wave Driver Turret

A strong, long range projectile turret that fires specially phase shifted rounds.
AP 3

AP Driver Turret

Fires armor piercing projectile rounds that can puncture through multiple targets, damaging all targets it collides with in a line.

Enhanced Turrets

Gatling Turret1

Brutal Gatling Ray Turret

A brutally upgraded Gatling Ray Turret with higher DPS and weight.

Frenzied SICO Missile Turret

A Frenzied SICO Missile Turret barraging missiles at much higher DPS values but higher weight requirements.
AP 3

Boosted AP Driver Turret

A Boosted AP Driver Turret with the same principles but with a higher DPS and weight.

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