VEGA Mining ship weapons are ship weapons that are invented by VEGA Mining, hence, they are not researchable in the weapons lab but requires you to either collect specific blueprints and complete them in order to obtain the weapon. One or two are only obtainable in riot or feature events.

A majority of the weapons are superior to the variants available for research in labs, with greater firepower, accuracy, more efficient weight and other desirable traits. VEGA Corporation weapons are considered mid-level weapons and players will eventually find stronger and more powerful weapons from feature events or from VEGA Security's arsenal. Here is the list of VEGA Mining weapons.

Ship Weapons

Thermal Beam III

Thermal Beam

A powerful energy weapon with moderate range. It charges up before firing a sustained, golden beam at its target.
Burst Ray III

Burst Ray

Most effective at point blank ranges, it fires dozens of energy pellets at its target dealing massive damage.
Hydra Missile III

Hydra Missile

A precise, explosive weapon that fires many missiles that tracks and homes in on their target. Only a portion of the missiles fired can be dodged.
Creeper Torpedo III (2)

Creeper Torpedo

Drops very slow moving, explosive mines with a massive explosive radius.
Siege Driver III

Siege Driver

Fires slow moving projectiles at its target at long ranges. It is tailored specifically for destroying base modules.
Gemini 3-0

Gemini Driver

A medium ranged projectile weapon with moderate amount of firepower.
Gladius Driver III

Gladius Driver

A strong projectile weapon with moderate firepower. It has proximity detonation and high projectile speed, enhancing its accuracy.

Enhanced Weapons

Gladius Driver III

Boosted Gladius Driver

An upgraded Gladius Driver with similar stats but more weight and a 25% shield bypass buff.It is a reuseable item unlockable in Alien Mobilization and Civil War.
Hydra Missile III

Brutal Hydra Missile

An upgraded Hydra Missile with similar stats but less range and more mass but an upgraded DPS. It is a reuseable item unlockable in Alien Mobilization and Civil War.


Bomber Squadron III (2)

Bomber Squadron

An explosive damage squadron with overall decent stats.It is usually equipped on carriers that cannot have Alien or Spectre Squadrons.
Intercepter Squadron III

Interceptor Squadron

A projectile damage squadron with higher range than the Bomber Squadron but significantly less DPS and speed.It is usually used as a decoy squadron for Dominion Carrier so the other squadrons can make it past the enemy defenses.

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