This page provides an overview on all of the NPC Fleets launched by VEGA Mining.

There are currently 4 types of fleets launched by them:

Antimatter Cargo Fleets, which carry Antimatter to the Processing Complexes,

VEGA Cargo and VEGA Elite Fleets, which drop large amounts of resources as well as a chance at a blueprint,

VEGA Mining Crafting Fleets, which drop fewer resources but crafting materials for VEGA Mining Hulls,

VEGA Mining Supply Run Fleets, which drop crafting materials for a specific VEGA Mining Hull, depending on the kind of supply run that is taking place.


  • VEGA Mining used to deploy older and less powerful ships some time ago. They later, designed and developed new and superior ships which are stronger than their predecessor at least by two fold.
  • VEGA Mining Fleets were then given more cargo capacity, carrying twice the amount of content than before. This was likely due to just hunting 40s in low amounts of cargo being very tedious to high level players just simply for research. 

Flash Gallery

These are a group of pictures of the older VEGA ships when VEGA Conflict was run on Flash player rather than Unity.


(Tutorial) VEGA 50 Speedfarming01:41

(Tutorial) VEGA 50 Speedfarming

A step-by-step Tutorial on how to quickly and easily defeat level 50 Cargo fleets

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