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VEGA Mining base turrets are base weapons that are invented by VEGA Mining, hence, they are not researchable in the Arms Lab but requires you to collect specific blueprints, or complete certain events, in order to obtain the weapon. They are stronger or have more niche purposes than the more versatile miner rebellion base turrets.

Tachyon Turret1

Tachyon Beam Turret

A powerful short ranged, energy weapon. It fires a golden beam at its target after a brief charge up. They never miss.
Arrestor Turret1

Arrestor Beam Turret

A long range stasis turret, it inflicts minimal damage but is able to greatly reduce the speeds of its target.
Gladius Driver Turret

Gladius Driver Turret

Long range projectile turret with proximity detonation and higher projectile speed.
Creeper Turret1

Creeper Torpedo Turret

Drops highly explosive slow moving mines in formation at its targets.
Gemini Turret 1

Gemini Driver Turret

A double-barrelled Projectile weapon that trades range for extra damage. Firing two rounds increases the odds of hitting a target.


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