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  • I live in on a different planet
  • My occupation is to spy on you and your sad existence
  • I am tracking your location through the Air Network
  • The Universal Army

    I've checked the list of banned users, and almost all of them are anonymous wikia contibutors. I think we should make a rule making ONLY USERS able to edit pages. Thoughts?

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  • The Universal Army

    With the new Mk. II upgrades coming out to numerous ships, there lays one question: Should we make a whole new page, or just another section dedicated purely to the Mk. II on the same type of ship?

    My opinion: We should just create a subsection dedicated to the Mk. II ships. They're still the same hull and the upgrades to them only change a few tactics. The strategies totally remain the same and it would be too tedious to copy and paste all the info onto another page. That, or a page dedicated to purely Mk. II ships titled: "Mk. II Hulls" or "Mk. II Ships" that list all the stats. However, formatting them on the original pages would consume less space and make scrolling down a little faster, for people who are like me, who rarely use the sh…

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