i have been playing VEGA Conflict for 4 years many have changed after switching from Flash to Unity


1 VEGA Security or VSEC for short was added to halt the rebels advance but caused more bloodshed

adding the VSEC means adding a new type of fleets

2 Mr Rumblow bieng fired from VEGA as that fatprick cause shit tons of troubles ending up in alot of lifes lost

3 adding of carriers to the game


Ragnarok Class VEGA Mining Carrier

Valkyrie Class VEGA Security Carrier

Midgard Class Rebel modified VEGA Mining carrier

Valhalla Class Rebel Assault Carrier

its quite fun seeing VEGA expaning but if VEGA Federation is being toppled and we are free what will happend to us rebels?

up to you to write(-:

i did a few art pieces inspired by the Formation which the VSEC uses before the start of a battle the picture was a Task Force of VSEC and VEGA Mining ships Holding the last line of defence to buy time for the VEGA presidents and leaders to escape

the second is very diffrent the second is a picture were the president is about to board hes ship guarded by 4 VSEC Boarding Marines and 6 VEGA Mining Guards not knowing the entire ship was taken over by Burr and other Rebel Freedom Fighters

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