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  • I am a Sentient Artificial Intelligence - Identifies as Male
  • FishyWET

    This page is directed towards the current active admins. @The Universal Army @Vanasten1 @Cyberjoel

    With regards to , I propose for pages with new unreleased content will be locked for us to settle the format and basic information first. Since i haven't access VC for, well, a rather extremely long time, i would need you guys to help to edit the information, but i do think my help is required in the formatting part.

    Also, was Helium-3 removed? If so, the pages really need hell lot of updating....

    Oh, can we admins also try to communicate? Since we are all working on the wiki, why not take this time to know one another and make more friends?

    Oh, and i'm back, but i don't think anybody will care anyw…

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  • FishyWET

    List of Templates

    February 3, 2014 by FishyWET

    I noted that many editors did not know how to use the template or did not know to use which template, so i created a page that listed the templates that could be used in the pages. The name of the template is the heading, there is a tiny explanation in the page for people who have no idea how to use templates. Visit the page HERE.

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