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The Unstable Reactor powers a ship's engines with dangerous volatile fuel that detonates on ship death. additional ship health increases the explosion intensity.
  — In-Game Description 
Unstable Reactor I II III
Mass 8% ship mass 11% ship mass 14% ship mass
Power 750 1000 1300
AoE Radius 1500 m
Speed +30 m/s +50 m/s +70 m/s
Turning +3.0 deg/s +5.0 deg/s +7.0 deg/s
Strafe -20% -26% -33%
Unlocking (Only obtainable in the event Search and Destroy & Special Event)
Tech Lab Required VII IX X
Intel Required 50,000 200,000 500,000
Time 43m 30s 1h 57m 30s 3h 30m
Helium-3 636,591 1,795,072 3,236,340
Antimatter 112,340 448,768 1,078,780
Time 0s 0s 0s

Unstable Reactor I, II, and III, Respectively


Unstable Reactors are engines that improve rotation and forward speed, and upon the equipped ships destruction, the unstable reactor violently detonates, damaging all nearby enemy ships in a local proximity.

UR 1
UR 2

MK V Python cutters explodes to a devastating effect on Apocrypha cruisers.

The intensity of the explosion increases as you equip heavier variants of the unstable reactor. It also increases depending on the amount of armor is on the ship - with the total damage inflicted to be roughly the power attributes in addition to roughly a quarter of the total armor on the ship. The amount of damage is also reduced the further away from the explosion ships are, with ships outside the explosive radius remaining unharmed.

Since this is exclusive to Iron Star Company hulls and this faction feature bonus armor attributes and slots, the severity of the explosion is further enhanced to a deadly extent - hence upon destruction, you can expect the unstable reactor to inflict absolute carnage to nearby ships.

Unstable reactors are slightly heavier and grant less speed and rotation agility than Fusion thrusters. They were unlockable during the event Search and Destroy (Event).

Many players believe the unstable reactor is a powerful equipment and absolutely essential on all Iron star Company hulls and is a herald to a stark change in close quarters combat because of its overwhelming effectiveness in point blank combat. Hence, you can expect a majority Iron Star Company hulls to be equipped with the unstable reactor in mid level and high level combat.

Because of its nasty reputation of damage, many players believe the unstable reactor is overpowered and rightly so. It has had its explosive strength reduced to some extent over time.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

UR 8

Unstable reactors large explosion radius.

The critical advantage of the unstable reactor is delivering immense amount of damage upon the equipped ship's destruction in a massive, local area. Being Iron Star Company exclusive equipment, it scales extremely well with their high default armor, extra armor slots and innate bonus armor. The amount of damage delivered upon detonation does not scale linearly with armor - but is roughly one point of damage per two points of armor, additive to the base amount of damage of each reactor. It is incredibly potent and can turn the tides of point blank battles in a shocking instant.

Their effectiveness can be used in many different areas in combat, hence here is a list:

UR 6

A single Python cutter delivers crippling damage to a fleet of MK IV Gharial cutters.

  • Python cutters benefit the most from unstable reactors. They are fast and can close in on targets quickly, putting them in the kill zone of the unstable reactor. They can quickly turn the tide in point blank combat. Even damaged fleets of Python cutters are a major threat to groups of ships pursuing it. Unstable reactors make them especially effective against other cutters as other cutters are short ranged ships and struggle to escape the kill zone of the unstable reactor while engaging the enemy ships at the same time. Unstable reactors can inflict devastating damages to even MK V Covenant cruisers, clustered groups of frigates and destroyers and walls of battleships. This sort of advantage ensures the Python cutter is a volatile and effective in combat despite being heavily damaged from previous battles.
  • Machete destroyers do not benefit as much but they still have increased speed and rotation and punishes enemy fleets to a crippling effect who ram cutters into your destroyers at point blank ranges
  • Heretic cruisers possess the most amount of armor, hence deliver more damage than all other ships. This ensures damaged fleets of Heretic cruisers are still perfectly capable of delivering massive damage upon destruction against pursuing cruisers or cutters. If Heretic cruisers can close in on destroyers or battleships quick enough into point blank range, their destruction will inflict lethal damages to enemy ships and with promising potential to turn the battle in your favor.
  • Vigilante battleships like destroyers, do not benefit as much from the reactor. They can take enemy ship by surprise if they ram cutters into your battleships.
UR 5

Hurricane frigates able defeat Basilisk cutters using unstable reactors.

  • Hurricane frigates are close and medium range warships with excellent maneuverability, making them easy to position them and send them into the thicket of grouped enemy ships. At MK V, they can be equipped with substantial armor, thus enhancing the unstable reactor to a cataclysmic effect. They are especially effective against other cutters and frigates which tend to group together.
  • Freyja Carriers are not typically equipped with this, as carriers avoid close combat at all costs. However, they are an acceptable substitute for Fusion thrusters III, and can cause revenge kills against unsuspecting enemy ships. Don't ram with your carrier, they are slow.

Disadvantages: Edit

Unstable reactors do not have major disadvantages and does not require the player to make major sacrifices to firepower, mobility or armor take advantage of the unstable reactor. They have slightly less speed and rotation than Fusion thrusters which is considered as negligible by the majority. Unstable reactors are slightly heavier as well - this is also considered negligible as MK V Iron Star Company hulls always have excessive vacant mass.

Unstable reactors do not inflict as much damage to base modules as they do to ships. The full extent of their damage and its effectiveness to base modules is yet to be determined.

Unstable reactors requires the ship to die in battle, in order for the unstable reactor to actually contribute to battle - you must be willing to sacrifice your ships in battle. Hence, taking losses in combat is always necessary.

Unstable reactors make the most of their damage by equipping more armor, this results in greater amounts of repair time when they are destroyed.


UR 4

A chain reaction of unstable reactors exploding.

  • Unstable reactors is the second legendary engine/thruster.
  • Unstable reactors are the first suicide thrusters ever introduced.
  • Players speculated that the unstable reactor incorporated a resistor prior to its release.
  • The scale of the damage with armor has not been disclosed by Kixeye - it is believed they intend to change the damage output surreptitiously for balance reasons without outraging players.
  • Ships equipped with unstable reactors fighting other ships equipped with unstable reactors at point blank ranges often ends in a chain reaction of explosions and the battle being abruptly brief, sometimes a draw.
  • In the game, the unstable reactor is unofficially and informally known as the Allahu Akbar reactor or the ISIS thrusters.


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