Arcane amalgamations of biology and technology with a terrifying amount of destructive power. These biomechanical monstrosities utilize regenerative Ablative Armor and Blight technology to wreak havoc upon their foes and are especially effective against Altairian tech. Build these hulls to invoke dread to all those you face in combat.
  — In-Game Description 


This page lists hulls that are manufactured by the Umbra.

The hulls listed on this page are not unlockable via the Ship Lab and are only available via blueprints, which currently can only be obtained through claiming of the prizes in event stores during the presence of an event.


Phoenix Frigate

A fast and agile frigate, designed specifically to destroy enemy carriers with its Bloodhunt ability.

Wraith Cruiser

A heavily armored cruiser capable of jamming enemy weapons and restoring its defenses by damaging or destroying enemy ships.

Ogre Battleship

A Battleship that gains AoE and damage boosts as it continues to destroy enemy ships.