Contest Overview

Rebels. You’ve been tasked with creating the ultimate VEGA threat for training purposes. The VEGA Corporation is capable of anything and we need to be ready for the worst they can throw at us. We’ve acquired the assets for each VEGA ship and we’re relying on you to scrap them together, edit them, and otherwise create the scariest, strongest, and most terrifying ship possible.
  — KIXEYE CM CarterGee 

Contest Information

  • Download the Zip folder from main thread to access the ships. You MUST edit one of these assets to win.
  • Feel free to combine different ships or make changes to one of them.
  • You may submit up to three entries for this contest. The more details you give, the better.
  • We want to know the strengths, weaknesses, and even cargo capacity of your creation. The winners will be decided by the game team, not likes on the Forum.
  • Use Photoshop, Paint, your own hand-drawn talent, or anything else it takes. Just be sure to upload your entry as a response to main thread.
START DATE Thursday, March 21st 2014
END DATE Monday, March 26th 2014

Contest Prizes

Winners will be determined by vote of the game team.

Placing Prize
1st Place 1,000 coins
2nd Place 750 coins
3rd Place 500 coins
Honorable Mentions 100 coins

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