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Tritanium is an extremely strong alloy of titanium and other metals. Tritanium armor is much more effective than Plasteel.
  — In-Game Description 


Tritanium I II III IV V
Mass 40t 65t 105t 170t 270t
Armor 120 185 275 415 610
Repair Time 2m 3m 5s 4m 35s 6m 55s 10m 10s
Ship Lab Required IV IV V VI VII
Other Requirements Plasteel I Plasteel II Plasteel III Plasteel IV Plasteel V
Helium-3 595 1,788 5,351 14,261 53,921
Antimatter 0 0 0 0 0


Tritanium is a miner rebellion armor type. It is the second armor researched by players.

Tritanium is a much stronger and efficient armor in comparison to Plasteel. They are commonly used by low level players replacing plasteel, equipping them on Talon frigates and Rancor battleships. Lighter variants are more efficient mass to armor ratio than in comparison to plasteel, players are recommended to refit their ships and update the plasteel to Tritanium.

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