The Tornado Frigate is an agile military vessel designed for pursuit and flanking. Armed to the teeth, it's more than a match for heavier ships.
  — In-Game Description 


The Tornado frigate is a high level, tier five Demon Corps hull. It was first seen in the Scorched Earth event, and was first obtainable in the Maelstrom event.

The Tornado frigate is debatably the most powerful frigate in the game due to its ability to equip infernal weapons. Fast and agile, they are rarely seen in combat, but are slowly becoming more and more common.

Strategy and Setup

Tornado frigates perform best when upgraded to MK V and placed in combat against battleships and destroyers.


The Tornado frigate, originating from the Demon Corps, has a greater emphasis on offensive attributes. It possesses more weapon slots than all other frigates, has high base armor and an adequate number of armor slots. Being part of the Demon Corps faction, it can mount powerful equipment exclusive to its faction such as Tempest drivers, armored thrusters, blister rounds and most importantly infernal weapons. Being a frigate, it can be equipped with hull exclusive equipment such as the Fissure torpedo and the electric rails. This makes for some very effective combinations of weapon boosters and weapons only possible on this ship.

By default, like all other ships of its faction, it has reduced weapons mass.

Like most high level frigates, Tornado frigates gain an immense damage bonus against destroyers and battleships when upgraded through the crafting system. Equipped with particular weapons, they are able to eliminate destroyers and battleships at a shocking pace.

As it is upgraded through the crafting system, it gains greatly reduced mass on thrusters and weapons, allowing players to equip more armor, stronger weapons, etc.

The Tornado frigate has a very small profile size, making it more suitable for dodging projectiles.

The Tornado frigate can mount the Armored thruster, enabling it to outrun its Iron Star cousin the Hurricane Frigate.

Despite being a Demon Corps ship, the Tornado frigate has more armor slots by default than any Frigate excluding the Hurricane Frigate.


Tornado frigates, while possessing lethal amounts of firepower, can be be overpowered by ships such as Basilisk cutters and Python cutters, both these ships being faster, well armored and suited for close quarters combat.

They are difficult to upgrade through the crafting system as Demon Corps materials are hard to procure. The supply run fleets that carry relevant materials are some of the strongest fleets in game.

They also are easily replaced by the Hurricane frigate which can equip the deadly unstable reactor.


Being a ship with access to exclusive equipment, it can be configured with several powerful and unique setups. Equipping armored thrusters III and Metaphase shields III is highly recommended.

Some weapon setups include Fissure torpedoes with blister rounds, combinaing the fissure torpedo's massive firepower with the armor damage enhancement of blister rounds can increase the Tornado frigate's potency against well armored ships to an incredibly lethal efficiency, achieving up to 360 DPS against armored ships excluding damage bonus from upgrading it through the crafting system. This amount of firepower is difficult to obtain on other Non-demon corps ships.

Another particularly effective setup is a mixture of phased magnets, electric rails and Storm drivers. Frigates with this sort of setup can very quickly immobilize their targets to prevent retreat, and then flank them with their superior agility. Storm driver's heavy firepower combined with the shield bypass effects will quickly deliver crippling amounts of damage.

usage by VEGA

Demon Corps first brought out their Tornado Frigates during Scorched Earth, but they were only used in Base attacks and only appeared 2 months later in the event fleets during Search and Destroy.

The Tornado Frigates were first sighted using Gatling Rays, but their armament has changed repeatedly from time to time, utilizing the Fissure Torpedo and NET Torpedo during Search and Destroy and in base attacking fleets, as well as the Nova Ray during Maelstrom and Nemesis.

Oddly enough, they do not appear in any fleets outside of events.

Blueprints for the Tornado Frigate were finally made available during Maelstrom, and Larus made it available again during Redemption.


  • The Tornado frigate is the opposite of a Hurricane frigate, having less repair and armor while dealing huge damage.
  • The Tornado frigate is the second to have a modifier without any upgrades through the crafting system, the first one being the Hurricane frigate.
  • The Tornado frigate is extremely small, so small in fact that they merge when grouped up.
  • Despite being a demon corps hull, this frigate actually has one more base armor slot than all Vsec and rebel frigates, two more than the armor-less Condor frigate. It has one less armor slot than the Hurricane frigate.
  • The Tornado Frigate extends its 'wings' slightly upward when moving, and retracts them downwards slightly when slowing down and stopping.


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