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The Thermal Beam is a fearsome ship Energy weapon developed by VEGA to suppress the miner rebellion. Beam weapons are not easily escaped.
  — In-Game Description 
Thermal Beam I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 5 6
Blueprint Tier Tier I Tier II Tier IV
Mass 220 t 396 t 792 t
DPS 22 38 68
Range 0-3,000 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Sound Effect Charging
Weap warm beam red 01


Weap fire beam red 01


Impact beam red 01
Arms Lab Required Arms Lab V Arms Lab VII Arms Lab IX
Other Requirements Disruptor Ray III
Time 27m 40s 55m 10s 5h 31m 10s
Helium-3 289,083 696,527 4,849,301
Antimatter 32,119 122,916 1,616,434

Thermal Beam I, II, and III, Respectively


The Thermal beam is a ship energy weapon. It is a VEGA Corporation blueprint weapon found in level 20-27 rebel cargo fleets or level 27-45 level VEGA cargo fleets. It serves as the ship counterpart of the Tachyon Beam turret.

Thermal beam fires a golden beam at its target after charging up for several seconds. The charge up phase emits a loud power up noise much like other beam weapons. It cannot miss, the beam can be interrupted if the target escapes the weapon's range.

They are particularly popular mid level weapons, replacing Disruptor rays. Low level players can be seen having unlocked them early.

Blueprints and ready to equip variants of the Thermal beam can be purchased at the black market.

Strategy and SetupEdit


Thermal beams are a powerful short range weapon, the beam cannot be evaded but can be interrupted if the target leaves the weapon's range or firing arc.

Thermal beams have relatively low range, it can be increased with focused optics, so it can attack targets at medium range. Thermal beam rays, particularly the level III variant is powerful and inflicts a very high amount of damage in comparison with other ship weapons.

They're also good against bases, since they have high DPS and good range to stretch over Terminus mines that may be blocking the way to target the base's bridge. Eliminating the bridge is generally the only goal in the blitz form of base attacks.


Thermal beams are not the most ideal weapon for long range weapon and is not quite as versatile or powerful as other newer weapons.

Impulse beams have more range, firepower and better damage to weight ratio, making it superior to Thermal beams in every aspect but these are reserved for higher level players.

ECHO rays and Polaron rays have more range, which is a desirable advantage in particular battles such as battleships vs battleships or on destroyers.

They are not necessarily a direct upgrade to Disruptor rays as they have a higher fire rate and firepower in comparison to Thermal Beam I & II.

Being a beam type weapon, Thermal beams are very poor for shooting down squadrons, they need to charge up before firing at a squadron, before charging up again. This provides squadrons lengthy amount of time to attack its target.

The charge up delay is also another advantage as even though targets enters the weapon range, it cannot open fire immediately, while the targets, if they have weapons of similar range, can open fire first. Because of this, they have a low rate of fire and can potentially over commit its damage output to enemy ships near destruction.

Videos Edit

VEGA Conflict Thermal Beam Weapon Demonstration00:56

VEGA Conflict Thermal Beam Weapon Demonstration

Video of Thermal Beam in combat

Vega Conflict - Thermal Beam Review02:54

Vega Conflict - Thermal Beam Review

Video Explanation of the Thermal Beam


  • In spite of the projectile speed description, this weapon is actually a beam, and the damage is dealt immediately after a firing sequence has begun, instead of taking a second or so to reach the target.
  • The Thermal beam stats originally displayed projectile speed as 299792458 m/s, which is the speed of light, because of the fact the Thermal Beam is a heated energy beam. It also appears to instantaneously reach its target because of this.
  • Thermal beam rays are not related to Thermal ray turrets.


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