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Overview Edit

The Market is where Blood Amber and Coins can be exchanged as currency to purchase a wide variety of useful equipment, credits and crafting materials. They are split into four sections:

  • Black Market
  • Credits
  • Crafting
  • Scrapyard

Each market sells their own categories of odds and ends. Their contents may change periodically every week or so.

Also see: List of Market Deals

Black MarketEdit

The Black Market is run by Larus. It sells weapon/equipment blueprints, armaments, formations, equipment packs, core boxes and ships. The contents change every week. Ships are only sold for coins, while the remainder is sold for either Blood Amber or coins.

The offensive and defensive packs up for sale in exchange for coins are never worth it and are a borderline scam. Do not ever purchase them!


The Credits market sells equipment that can be instantaneously equipped to a ship. They do not sell blueprints. They also sell resistors both in exchange for coins or Blood Amber. The contents are also changed once every few weeks, with the level III resistors cycling every 7 days.


The Crafting market sells materials needed for crafting such as patterns, cores and crafting parts in exchange for coins or Blood Amber. Their contents change once every 24 hours.


The Scrapyard is run by Algol. This market enables players to trade in patterns for core(s) one tier lower for free. Players could also downgrade armaments one tier at a time, which costs coins or Blood Amber. According to the lore, Algol collects Blood Amber just to destroy it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Market used to be an occasionally open, players had to find it hidden in a planet, dock a fleet in order to make a purchase.
  • The Black Market used to be the only market around. It had a major update at some point, adding the remaining three markets.


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