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The Terminus Mine deals damage to Ships that stray to close, easily blocking an enemy fleets advance.
  — In-Game Description 
Terminus mine

A terminus mine sitting in a base...

General Edit

The Terminus Mine is a new mine that halts the advance of fleets and make blitzing bases a harder strategy. It was updated on December 18th, 2013. They take 14 minutes to build. Upgrading them increases the DPS of them. Their manner of fire is by emitting radiation, so these mines can't be destroyed. As an attacker gets closer to the mine it will light up in warning before it detonates, these mine can be seen on the combat screen along with the warning and blast radius.

Mines do not need to be repaired or rebuilt after exploding between attacks


Level Helium-3 Mineral Ore Zynthium Anti-Matter Damage Upgrading Time Base Level

Number of mines

I 28,512 24,624 24,624 0 600 14m 37s I 0
II 85,536 73,872 73,872 0 1.350 53m 16s IV 12
III 256,608 221,616 221,616 0 1,600 2H 39m V 14
IV 692,842 598,363 598,363 209,952 2400 4H 26m 18s V 14
V 1,847,578 1,595,635 1,595,635 1,259,712 3600 6H 12m 51s V 14


  • The Terminus Mine was updated with another update: Modules can now explode. When they explode (noted as collateral damage) the surrounding modules will take damage.


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