Terminus Mines deal damage to ships that stray too close, easily blocking an enemy fleet's advance.
  — In-game description 


Icon Terminus Mine

The Terminus mine is a mine that halts the advance of fleets and funnels them into particular firing lanes. They limit the movement of attacking fleets. It was released on December 18th, 2013. Their manner of fire is by emitting radiation, and they can't be targeted or destroyed. As an attacker gets closer to the mine it will light up in warning before it detonates. These mines can be seen on the combat screen along with the warning and blast radius. Although squadrons are not affected by Terminus Mines, they still activate the warning effect.

It deals massive untyped damage to all enemy ships in range.

Mines do not need to be repaired or rebuilt. They have no health points, it is impossible to destroy them.


Terminus Mine I II III IV V
DPS 900 1,350 1,600 2,400 4,800
Area 1,000x1,000 m
Warning Diameter 1,500 m
XP Change 1,500 337 163 449 1,015
Time 14m 37s 53m 16s 2h 39m 48s 4h 26m 20s 6h 12m 52s
Mineral Ore 77,760 233,280 699,840 1,889,568 5,038,848
Antimatter 0 209,952 1,259,712
The Bridge Required III IV V



  • Terminus Mines deal untyped damage, therefore its damage cannot be resisted in any way.
  • Although the damage field of the Terminus Mine appears to be a circle, its hitbox is actually a square. As a result, ships may appear to be inside the minefield but not take any damage, and vice versa.
  • Level V Terminus Mines are some of the most lethal elements in VEGA Conflict. Inflicting more damage than an entire fleet of battleships or all turrets in a base combined, excluding bases with bridge VI and up.
  • AI siege fleets are smart enough to avoid the minefield, making them ineffective against them unless they're used as a wall with no openings (they can still channel the enemy's ships).