The Targeting Computer grants the ability to fire on multiple targets at the same time. It's especially useful when fighting with swarms of smaller vessels.
  — In-Game Description 
Targeting Computer I II III
Mass 20% weapon mass 30% weapon mass 40% weapon mass
Maximum Targets 2 4 6
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Vendetta (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Sector Strike (Store)
Tech Lab Required VIII IX X
Time 1h 28m 00s 4h 13m 00s 6h 21m 30s
Helium-3 1,319,992 3,750,570 5,698,080
Antimatter 329,998 1,250,190 1,899,360
Targeting Computer

Targeting Computer Icon


Targeting Computers is a weapon booster exclusive to battleships. They allow battleships to target more ships and fire on multiple targets at once.

Strategy and setup


The Targeting computer grants the Battleship with this special the ability to split its fire between multiple ships in its range.

When used in Conjunction with weapons that have AOE, like Explosive Weapons or the Nova Ray, this will greatly increase the amount of damage done to tightly grouped ships, such as Cutters as well as Lined up Battleships.

This special can be useful on Crafting fleets such as the VEGA or Vsec Battalion, where the battleships tend to bunch up and thus are more vulnerable to Area of effect Weapons.

The splitting effect could also be highly effective in combination with Stasis weaponry, allowing one or two battleships to slow down the entire enemy fleet simultaneously.


The Targeting Computer, however, can only be equipped on Battleships and thus, in order to do so, either thrusters or weapon specials must be sacrificed in favor of equipping this special.

However, this will severely hamper the Battleship's ability to respond to attacks, because the Battleship will either be too slow without thrusters, or instead, its weapons will be severely ineffective either because of Low AOE and travel speed or in the case of most energy weapons, too short ranged.

Also, when facing many heavily armored ships, this special will become useless as splitting fire will take longer to take down enemy ships as opposed to focusing fire on one area at a time.

However, you can override the Targeting Computer's ability to automatically fire on targets by selecting the ship you want to target.


  • This special was first hinted at in the game files.
  • Some players thought the Nova Ray's ability to split was a result of this special.


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