Talonite Armor   Talonite Plates

Talonite Plates   Heavy Talonite Plates

Medium weight Xeno Division armor built from a composite alloy that allows your base to withstand tremendous punishment from enemy fire.
  — In-Game Description 
Talonite Plates I II III
Mass 2,273t 2,382t 2,490t
Health 7,501 8,694 9,960
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Eradication (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Ship Lab Required VI VII VIII
Time 9h 06m 12h 49m 17h 18m
Mineral Ore 5,487,142 8,230,713 10,974,284
Antimatter 1,567,755 2,351,633 3,135,510

Talonite Plates I, II, and III Respectively. (It looks identical to Talonite Armor)


Talonite Armor Plates is a powerful Base armor that has been Designed by the Xeno Division. It is based off the Talonite Armor also made by the Xeno Division.

Strategy and Setup


The Talonite Plates provides a high amount of armor, outclassing Zynthium Plates in terms of raw hit points. This Means that any ship equipped with this armor is able to withstand much more damage than usual, drastically increasing the survivability in battle. Modules like the Bridge most benefit from this high armor due to its importance and high max mass.


However, Talonite Plates is very heavy on all levels. This can make it hard to equip on certain modules as some cannot even hold that much armor or cannot balance it out with the other equipped armors.

It also gives almost the same amount of armor and weight as Capacitive Plates III which means they are mere identical if one does not have Talonite Plates and are a perfect replacement. The only upside Talonite Plates has in comparison is its lower repair.

It also is easily replaced by Heavy Talonite Plates in terms of raw health.


Talonite Plates III are no different than Capacitive Plates III which gives them similar uses. All modules with Capacitive should definitely switch to Talonite Plates III if they have it.

Storage Modules and non-weaponized modules should simply try to max their armor to make it hard to benefit from their collateral damage. Combat Modules should try to balance the armor out with their weapons and special to still maintain a high DPS. The Fleet Bay or Bridge should max out their armor capacity and they can easily equip this armor.



  • Talonite Plates III has almost double the armor than Talonite Armor III, its counterpart.

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