Thermal Beam   Tachyon Beam Turret

The Tachyon Beam Turret is a fearsome Base Energy Weapon developed by VEGA to suppress the Miner Rebellion. Beam Weapons are not easily escaped.
  — In-Game Description 
Tachyon Beam Turret I II III
Mass 385t 790t 1,780t
DPS 88 133 204
DPV 492.8 744.8 1,142.4
Range 0-4,700 m
Projectile Speed 3,500 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 2.0 / F: 3.0 / R: 0.6 / N: Infinite
Sound Effect Charging
Weap warm beam red 01


Weap fire beam red 01


Impact beam red 01
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Farming Tier VEGA Tier I VEGA Tier III VEGA Tier IV
Fragments 4 5 6
Requirements Thermal Ray
Graviton Ray
Graviton Ray
Turret V
Time 3h 27m 20s 10h 22m 10s 1d 3h 38m 50s
Mineral Ore 3,323,782 10,439,371 12,916,828
Antimatter 586,550 2,609,843 4,305,608

Tachyon Beam Turret I, II, and III, Respectively


The Tachyon Beam Turret is a energy type base turret, it is a base variant of the weapon, Thermal beam ray. It is the first base turret released as a blueprint and can be obtained defeating level 20-27 rebel cargo fleets or level 27-45 level VEGA cargo fleets.

It fires a single thin orange/gold beam at its target. It takes a brief moment to charge. It is common on bases due to their increased firepower in comparison to the Thermal ray turret.

Strategy and Setup


The Tachyon beam turret is a very potent beam turret for blitz defence. It does a massive amount of damage of over 200 at level III allowing an extremely tough blitz defence.

Tachyon beam turrets never miss. This makes sure every time an enemy enters its field of fire it will be sure to get hit. It is also an energy weapon so it doesn't have an exploitable blind spot either.


The Tachyon Beam Turret has an incredibly small range making it useless against any sniper fleets. Even with Focused Apertures V, that's almost 3,500t on your turret making it almost impossible to have decent armor aswell, even then, its still outranged.

The Tachyon Beam turret is also still a beam, it is avoidable and has a long charge up time with its high mass. This makes it inferior to the SICO Missile Turret which does more damage, has more range, and doesn't need any specials.


However, if you don't have the SICO Missile Turret the Tachyon Beam turret can make a decent replacement. Try to have Combat Module X or XI by then as it will be very heavy, if you can't equip III it is useless to equip.

Equip level III and Focused Apertures II-III and then outfit the rest of your leftover mass with armor and then shields. Place them on the inner edges of your base to get a better coverage against blitzing fleets.



  • The Tachyon beam turret was the first VEGA base weapon to be introduced.
  • The Tachyon Beam Turret is the base variant of the Thermal Beam, in which it will use a hit-scan attack on its target, thereby making it unavoidable.

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