The Sweep Maximizer increases the spread of Explosive weapons, annihilating even the largest fleets.
  — In-Game Description 
Sweep Maximizer I II III IV V
Weight (% Weapon Mass) 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
Spread Increase +30% +40% +50% +60% +70%
Tech Lab Required V VI VII IX X
Time 4h 21m 40s 16h 10m 4d 20h 06m 40s 6d 17h 16m 40s
Mineral Ore 632,522 4,917,238 44,142,070 66,213,119
Antimatter 0 546,360 11,035,518 16,553,281
Time 51m 40s 3h 13m 20s 6h 15m 16h 43m 20s 1d 8h 15m
Mineral Ore 61,928 646,771 2,954,732 6,007,065 9,010,599
Antimatter 0 0 328,303 1,501,766 2,252,650
Sweep maximizer

Sweep Maximizer Icon


The Sweep Maximizer is a booster for explosive weapons. It serves as the counterpart for the sweep launcher. It increases the spread of base weaponry.

Sweep maximizers are specialized against fleets of destroyers, since if the base turret only aims at a decoy ship. Explosive missiles and torpedoes fired at decoy ships attempting to draw fire, will spread out over a wide area at long areas and could hit a line of destroyers, the destroyers are more fragile hence decoy cruisers draw away fire. They are particularly effective for Plasma torpedoes. They are relatively uncommon weapon boosters. They have no effect on explosive weapons with no spread.

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