The appropriately named Swarm Corvette is a very fast ship seen throughout VEGA siege fleets as well as event fleets on occasion. Their hull resembled that of a normal Destiny Cruiser during the Crackdown, Deception and VSec Events, and a Mark 4 Destiny Cruiser during Blood Trials, Zero Hour, and Redemption.

According to an unofficial source, the Swarm Corvette's forward speed was measured to be around 720 m/s, which is over twice the speed of sound.


Swarm Corvettes have insane manoeuvrability, making them able to easily reach their targets and pepper them with their 2 weapon slots. Their high speed also makes them able to easily dodge projectile weapons as well as some Explosive weapons. Their speed is comparable to Cutters and they are sometimes faster than them to a certain extent. However, they are not heavily armored, and can be destroyed quickly by weapons that do not miss.

Despite having the high forward speed of a cutter, Swarm Corvettes lack stasis resistance, and hence can be dramatically slowed by stasis weapons such as NET torpedoes, Arrestor beams and projectile weapons boosted by Electric rails, if you manage to score a hit that is. Once slowed down, they are easy prey for other non-homing weapons.


During Deception, VEGA Decimator fleets had ten ships, instead of the usual six. Six of these ten ships were swarm corvettes. They had a mixture of basic weapons; 2x Rail drivers, 2x Pulse rays, and 2x Scatter missiles. These fleets were modified and reappeared in the event Redemption as VEGA Armada Fleets.

VEGA Peacekeeper fleets had two of these corvettes, equipped with Thermal beams. They often chased down enemy ships and, similar to their Deception counterpart, were able to dodge moderate speed projectiles, making them very annoying.

VSec Invaders had four of these ships, all equipped with a Burst ray and an Arrestor beam. If not handled properly, these nasty ships could easily cripple battleships' movement, rendering them vulnerable to the rest of the fleet.

VEGA Armada fleets had six Swarm corvettes: two equipped with Thermal beams, two with Scatter missile and two with Rail drivers. Only the ones with Thermal beams did considerable damage; the rest missed their shots most of the time. This time around, the Swarm corvettes were more durable than usual, making them an even greater nuisance to player fleets.

VEGA Siege fleets used these ships as cannon fodder, being the first to reach the base, and the first ships to die. They often died before any of the other ships in the fleet even reached the base, assuming the player's base was strong enough.