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The Swarm Corvette is a modified Destiny Cruiser that trades durability for extra speed.
  — Fan-made Description 


The Swarm Corvette is an extremely fast ship used by VEGA Mining to conduct blitz attacks and disrupt enemy formations.


Swarm Corvettes, travelling even faster than cutters, can easily reach their targets and pepper them with light fire. This high speed also enables them to dodge the majority of weapons. However, they are not heavily armored, and are countered by homing and beam weapons, which do not miss. Squadrons can also catch up to and destroy them swiftly.

Despite their speed, Swarm Corvettes lack Stasis Resist, and can be dramatically slowed by Stasis Dealing weapons such as NET Torpedoes, Arrestor Beams, as well as Projectile weapons boosted by Electric Rails, if you manage to score a hit in the first place. Once slowed down, they are easy prey for other weapons.


  • Despite being a corvette, the Swarm Corvette has similar overall stats as that of a cruiser.
  • Its name was shown in battle reports when the game was still in beta.
  • Even when the Destiny Corvette got a name change to Destiny Cruiser, the Swarm Corvette's name remained the same.
  • Prior to Blood Trials, this ship looked identical to Mk I Destiny Cruisers in battle. They now take on the appearance of Mk IV Destiny Cruisers, but still register as Mk I.