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The Storm Driver Turret is a standard-issue military turret, fielded by the VEGA Demon Corps. It fires short, controlled bursts of heavy Projectile ammunition.
  — In-Game Description 

Storm Driver Turret I II III
Mass  424t 869t 1958t
DPS  90 160 255
Range 2500 - 8,400 m
Projectile Speed 2,500 m/s
Unlocking (Only obtainable in the event Special Event)
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX
Intel Required 12,000 140,000 600,000
Time 2h 21m 15h 41m
Mineral Ore 788,137 4,824,308
Antimatter 139,083 1,608,103
Storm Driver1

Storm Driver Turret I, II and III

General Edit

The Storm Driver Turret is a powerful and versatile projectile type turret originating from Demon Corps. It was first made available in a the Special Event of November 11th, 2016. It fires bursts of projectile rounds at its targets, with some minimal spread.


Advantages: Edit

The Storm Driver Turrets are very powerful, and highly effective on any base currently. The Storm driver turret has a wide covering range. Its functionality in base defense can be compared to SICO missile turrets, except it cannot be out-ranged by long range ship weapons such the Siege driver, or even the precise gauss driver. The turret also has an immense amount of firepower, comparable to the SICO missile turret, making it extremely deadly both to rushing and sniping foes. Additionally, it has higher accuracy, whereas missiles fired from the SICO missile turret often miss. It is harder to exploit the minimal range of the turret as it is very small. They have a rather high projectile speed, making it difficult to dodge their burst volleys.

Storm driver turrets can be equipped with Iridium arrays and/or phased projectiles, increasing its accuracy and imbuing it with strong shield bypass traits.

Disadvantages: Edit

StormTurret 1-0

Storm Driver Turret

The Storm driver turret III, which is the most common, is very heavy. This limits players from even equipping Iridium arrays V, let alone essential armor and shields, on combat modules. They also have a small spread, making it possible for shots to miss even immobilized targets.

Trivia Edit

  • The Storm driver turret originally had no minimal range, but for balancing they added it.
  • The Storm driver turret used to have 8,100m range, but was reduced for balancing. This sparked HUGE backlash on the forums, resulting in the current 8,400m range.
  • The Storm driver turret originally had less DPS, but it was changed along with the minimal range for balancing.
  • The Storm driver turret, along with the other Special Event turrets, are supposed to be KIXEYE's way of bringing back base PvP, which has become very outdated over time.

Gallery Edit


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