Squadrons are special groups of ships deployed by carriers to intercept incoming attacking enemies, first used by VEGA in their Ragnarok Carrier. When launched, they close in on their target, firing their weapons when they're in range. All squadrons have different scramble range but the same attack range. Squadrons can be destroyed by conventional weaponry, in which afterwards, they will return back to their carrier for repairs and refuel before launching immediately again.

Bomber Squadron III (2)

Bomber Squadron

Delivers highly potent, explosive payload. Moderate range and flight time. Most well armored and popular.
Fighter Squadron III

Fighter Squadron

Low range, low flight time but high speed. Uses burst energy weapons.
Intercepter Squadron III

Interceptor Squadron

Long range and long flight time. They inflict relatively low amount of damage with their projectile weapons. They have the longest flight time.

Raider Squadron

Short range with high amount of firepower. They have relatively short flight time and low armor.

Spectre Squadron

Moderate armor. They inflict a very high amount of damage with their special projectile weapons that have innate shield bypass effects.

Ranger 1

Ranger Squadron

Moderate armor. Equipped with very powerful, exotic projectile weapons.
Charger Swarm
Charger Swarm
High armor. Equipped with powerful, explosive, exotic explosive type weapons.
Gladiator Swarm
Very high health. Insane damage and speed. Also has the longest flight time of any squadron with two minutes of flight time.

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