Spectre Squadron   Spectre Wing

The Spectre wing are elite pilots equipped with projectile weapons firing phased ammunition.
  — In-Game Description 
Spectre Wing I II III
Mass 610t 850t 1,200t
DPS 110 143 200
Flight Time 30s
Scramble Range 9,500 m
Speed 1,200 m/s
Health 900
Shield Bypass +25%
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Eradication (Loot Drop),
AXIS (Loot Drop),
Alien Repeating Events (Loot Drop)
Currently Available in Sector Strike (Store, Level I Only)
Time 42m 20s 6h 20m 20s 19h 00m 50s
Mineral Ore 721,853 3,117,750 9,949,732
Antimatter 80,205 779,438 3,316,577
Spectre 5

Spectre Wing I, II, and III Respectively


The Spectre Wing is the Base version of the Spectre Squadrons. It is a squadron of Demon Corps origin converted to a wing. Like its ship counterpart, it launches and flanks the enemy from its sides instead of flying straight in.

Strategy and Setup


Just like its ship counterpart, it has a high boost in DPS over the Bomber Wing making it more punishing when it is locked onto to a destroyer or a blitzing fleet that cannot destroy the squadron. It also is very light weight in terms of base defense.

However, unlike the ship counterpart it has the same range as the Interceptor Wing and has much more scramble time and health over the Bomber Wing making it an excellent upgrade over the Bomber Wing. The added health, range, and time can ensure a longer ranged strike that is harder to destroy.

It also has a special AI that can flank ships approaching from the side. This almost bypasses destroyers completely dealing massive damage to snipers who don't defend in time. Turned battleships also can suffer greatly from this due to its vulnerable blindspot.

Although not very high, it has a shield bypass which can help destroy unarmored destroyers that rely mostly on their shield much faster.


However, due to its flanking AI and low speed it will actually arrive to its target much slower than a Bomber Wing, this can be looked as both an advantage or disadvantage as a decoy Bomber Wing can bait the Manifold Missile for less DPS or that it deals damage much slower making its extra 5s almost useless.

Its AI is also a problem sometimes but not as much as no one uses Battleships against bases. Still it will fly into cruiser firing arcs if it is facing the base, same for battleships and sometimes cutters. It also splits itself most of the time spreading the damage making it less devastating when it goes through.

It also is fairly hard to obtain as you will have to kill 40-60 Alien Outposts and try to get lucky through the random drop rate from the boxes.

Unlike its ship counterpart it launches and flies straight in instead of flanking the enemy from its sides. This means that people can use Exterminator Destroyers armed with Shatter Drivers(Regular, Heavy or Xeno) to fire at either the Ship Factory, Fleet Bay or The Bridge while killing the squadrons at the same time, without getting return fire from any turret lesser than 8750m range.


Since the only modules that can equip wings are the Bridge, Fleet Bay and Ship Factory accompanied with its light weight means the highest level available is always the best option.

Try to pair it with an Interceptor Wing III to bait all the splash weapons to avoid destruction more often. This is also a method for alien swarms in PvP and is fairly effective but equipping different types of swarms are much more recommended.



  • Unlike its ship counterpart which has less time, health, and range it has none of those problems which is probably due to base balancing and how underpowered bases were at the time.
  • The Description implies the Wing is controlled manually by pilots, this makes sense due to the close proximity of the base but the ship squadrons are also controlled by pilots which seems incredibly hard due to the vacuum of space or the aliens sensor jamming, but it still works the same.
    • The increased stats for the wing may be the result of this.

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