The Spectral Warheads improve the detonation radius of Explosive weapons as well as disrupting shield technology.
  — In-game description 
Spectral Warheads I II III
Weight (% Weapon Mass) 25% 38% 51%
Health Damage -2% -5% -7%
Shield Damage +10% +20% +30%
Shield Bypass +10% +20% +30%
Area of Effect +150m +200m +250m
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Shadow Strike)
Tech Lab Required VI VIII X
Intel Required 25,000 125,000 375,000
Time 15h
Helium 3


Spectral Warheads increase the detonation radius of explosive weapons, as well as disrupting enemy shields.
  — Sybil 
SW 1

Spectral warheads inflicting significant hull damage to Revelation cruisers through the shields

Spectral warheads are a booster to explosive weapons, they feature numerous benefits with increased shield damage, increased shield bypass and increased area of effect damage. They have a downside that reduces their armor damage slightly. They are uncommon to be seen in use, usually by high level players who equip them on cruisers with SICO missiles, escorted by a Valkyrie carrier to further boost their shield bypass damage.

They have an had odd combination of reducing hull damage but increasing shield bypass as well - They can deplete shields more quickly and with their increased splash damage, they are effective for grouped ships in fleet combat. They are very heavy and greatly increase weapons mass.

Despite decreasing armor damage, Spectral warheads make explosive weaponry marginally more effective at depleting the health of shielded targets.

Given that they have only been released in a small number of events, they are quite rare to be seen in action.


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