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Spectral Shield   Spectral Field

The Spectral Field is more effective at preventing damage from Energy weapons.
  — In-Game Description 


Spectral Fields

Spectral Field I II III IV V
Mass 320t 448t 627t 878t 1,229t
Defense 90%
Resists Energy
Shield Strength 800 1,120 1,568 2,195 3,073
Tech Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Time 3h 9h 4d 12h
Mineral Ore 11,233 56,203 1,151,332 6,286,257
Antimatter 0 0 127,926 1,109,340
Time 18m 54m 2h 42m 5h 24m
Mineral Ore 561 2,811 14,058 63,963
Antimatter 0 0 0 0


Spectral Fields are resistant to energy type weapons, and take 50% reduced damage from them. They are the first type of field players are likely to research. Compared to Shockwave and Deflector fields, they have the highest shield energy, as well as the highest mass.

These fields are designed to be used as a blitz counter, which are high speed, close range ships with stronger weapons, they strike fast and hard, usually attacking the bridge first. Due to the fact that energy weapons are typically used at close-range, they are more prevalent weapon types in blitz fleets. They are excellent against high-damage energy weapons such as the Burst rays, Pulse rays Disruptor rays and Thermal beams, as well as a fairly good defence against Fighter squadrons.

Due to the fact that base defences do not scale well with the firepower of ship weapons and fleet strength towards the higher levels, Spectral fields become obsolete after mid level stages of the game. Players are recommended to equip the more versatile Metaphase field instead.

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