Spectral Shield   Spectral Field

The Spectral Field is more effective at preventing damage from Energy weapons.
  — In-Game Description 
Spectral Field I II III IV V
Mass 320t 448t 627t 878t 1,229t
Shield Energy 800 1,120 1,568 2,195 3,073
Defense 90%
Resists Energy
Tech Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 3h 9h 1d 3h 2d 6h 4d 12h
Mineral Ore 11,233 56,203 267,115 1,151,332 6,286,257
Antimatter 0 0 14,058 127,926 1,109,340
Time 18m 54m 2h 42m 5h 24m 10h 48m
Mineral Ore 561 2,811 14,058 63,963 332,801
Antimatter 0 0 0 0 36,978

Spectral Field I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


Spectral Fields are resistant to energy type weapons. They are the first type of field players are likely to research. Compared to Shockwave and Deflector fields, they have the highest shield energy, as well as the highest mass.

Strategy and Setup:


A clear and obvious advantage the Spectral Field has is its 90% resistance to Energy weapons. This allows it to resist many popular early and mid game rush weapons like the Thermal Beam, Burst Ray, or Impulse Beam which can be very powerful.

It also has the most energy capacity out of all the 3 Miner Rebellion Fields allowing it to be more effective against other damage types aswell as when fired on by another type of damage it still resists, but much less in percentage.


However, due to only having a 90% resistance against energy weapons, weapons like the SICO Missile, Siege Driver, and many more will all decimate the shield, and since energy base attack weapons are unpopular this is extremely likely.

Being the highest energy, it will also be the heaviest one to equip. This can take up very crucial mass on a Module, which could all be better spent on armor as Fields are not very important at all during a base defence. It also is easily surpassed by the Metaphase Field III.


Unlike in ship combat, the importance of Fields is not very high as most of the time, armor is a much better option due to how heavy they are are how little effectiveness they have in the overall defence.

Though, if you have extra mass try to equip the Metaphase Field instead, or better yet the Deflector Field if you don't have it, as Energy weapons are not very prominent in base attacks.



  • The Spectral Field, even when the Metaphase Field had 80% Resistance, was still heavily underused as most of the time as Fields weren't worth it in base assualts.
  • Its obvious, but the Spectral Field's ship counterpart is the Spectral Shield.
  • Like the ship variant, turrets equipped with this will glow a light, hazy yellow

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