The Soul Battleship is an improved version of the Mk V Zeal Battleship, with increased health and combat speed.
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The Soul Battleship is a Chinese regional specific battleship, and an improved version of a Mk V Zeal Battleship. accidentally shown on United State servers when looking to build a ship. It sports a new color scheme, and seems to be named after the other company working with KIXEYE on the Chinese servers, Soul.

It possesses the same bonuses to Shield Bypass, Weapon mass reduction and Cruiser Damage as a Mk V Zeal Battleship, as well as increased health and combat speed, but has lower maximum mass than a Zeal Battleship Mk V.

Players were advised by mods to NOT build the hull. They were later all changed to Mk V Zeals and coined Souls were refunded.

Strategy and Setup


Typical, high level players, often try to engage players at their maximum range and stay within their carrier's support field at all times often never leaving them.

They are not very durable as blitz hulls, but with stasis weapons and speed they can be a serious problem to many hulls with a smaller range as they struggle to catch up, marked up cutters and frigates will not be as affected by this but still will be slowed.

There are no mark upgrades for the Soul for obvious reasons as it has a pre-built Mk V Bonus when built, this saves the hassle of trying to get mark upgrades for the hull.


The Soul has an extra 10 m/s speed and +150 health over its Zeal Battleship template. This gives it the speed of a Hellfire Battleship with Armored Thrusters which gives it the ability to catch every non Xeno and DC battleship. The extra health is not a large health as battleships usually die quickly once being fired upon.

Its inate Mk V bonuses make it an excellent choice for players who hate farming mark upgrade materials. Since it has no mark upgrades, because of this inate bonus. Players can enjoy a almost Mk V Zeal straight after it is built, the bonuses are great for kiting cruisers increasing mass reduction, cruiser damage, and shield bypass.

Like all battleships they enjoy the 3rd largest range modifier out of any playable hull in the game, low range hulls like cruisers have a hard time trying to attack the Soul if it is paired with stasis weapons as they are usually outranged and then slowed by it.


The Soul is part of the VEGA Security Hulls and a hull you cannot use as it is only meant for the Chinese servers in VEGA. US Players were told by mods not to build the glitched Soul they saw in their Ship Factory. All Souls are now Mk V Zeals.

The fact that its Vsec means it cannot equip all the latest Xeno and alien tech making it worthless for high end combat which is dominated by Xeno and Demon Corp tech which Vsec hulls sadly cannot keep up with.

The Soul has no mark upgrades meaning it is stuck with 7,400 mass to use as it cannot increase it with any means. This means higher marked Zeals are much better than the Soul when faced 1 on 1.

Like all battleships, destroyers, frigates, and cutters when marked up can easily counter the stasis battleships with their range or stasis resistance. Cutters are very common in mid-range pvp and pose a high threat to Soul battleships.


Fusion Thrusters III is highly recommended for the Soul battleship as well as Metaphase Shield III. Weapon choice however is best given to the Vector Torpedo, NET Torpedo, and 1 Manifold Missile which pairs well with each other. Volatile Fuel will be needed however for this setup to work as it will be too slow without it. In combat, the Manifold Missile will take care of squadrons and the Vector Net combo should be used at their maximum range on opponents.

Nova Rays are also a good choice but Stasis will no longer be a viable option. Focused Optics V and 1 Manifold Missile will be used instead and the Nova Rays will rip apart enemy ships very quickly.



  • This is the first Chinese-specific hull.
  • A website about the Soul Battleship can be found here
  • The Soul Battleship's stats on the US server differs from those displayed on the official website. The stats displayed here follow that of the latter.
  • The Soul Battleship has a blue thruster trail, a stark contrast to the Mk V Zeal Battleship's red.
  • When players first spotted the hull they took to the forums to talk about it, moderators quickly replied telling players not to build it.
  • The bug which allowed players to build and see the Soul caused VEGA Conflict to go into downtime which disrupted the Special Event running at the time.


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