The Skirmish Armor has built-in resistance to both Energy and Explosive Weapons, for better performance in close-quarters combat.
  — In-Game Description 


Skirmish Armor I
Mass 210 t 320 t 480 t
Health 720 1,100 1,660
Resists 10% En 15% En 20% En
Resists 10% Ex 15% Ex 20% Ex
Hull XP 2,282 XP 4,311 XP 7,991 XP
Restricted to Iron Star Company
Ship Lab Required VI VII VIII
EQUIP ModuleRefit
Time Time 36m 00s 2h 10m 30s 4h 30m 30s
Helium-3 Helium3 403,128 1,559,583 2,732,543
Antimatter Antimatter 44,792 173,287 910,848
Time Time 12m 00s 18m 20s 27m 40s


The Skirmish Armor is a powerful resistance armor that takes reduced damage from Energy and Explosive weapons. It can only be equipped on Iron Star Company Hulls.

Strategy and Setup


Skirmish Armor is overall more mass-efficient than Zynthium, especially in close combat, since most weapons that are used at this range are either Energy- or Explosive-type. They also counter the powerful Unstable Reactor which does Explosive Damage.

Skirmish Armor is also XP-efficient, having less XP per unit armor, enabling your Iron Star fleet to achieve higher durability while keeping the fleet level low.

Equipping Kinetic Resistors along with this armor gives your ships decent resistance against all three traditional damage types, allowing them to fight in various scenarios.


Skirmish Armor is ineffective in sniper fleets since most of the damage comes from Kinetic weapons, which this armor does not resist.

They are also useless against the infamous Infernal Wave Driver which is overused on Damocles Destroyers, destroying your ships in as few as three hits.


  • The Skirmish Armor is the first ship armor that resists certain damage types, making it the first "resistance armor".
  • An update that reduced the Skirmish Armor's resistance to 3%/6%/10% Energy and 0% Explosive had been met with revolt by the vast majority of players; it was swiftly reverted.