Shockwave Shield   Shockwave Field

The Shockwave Field uses reactive systems to minimize the destructive force of enemy Explosive weapons.
  — In-Game Description 

Shockwave Fields

Shockwave Field I II III IV V
Mass 290t 392t 549t 768t 1,076t
Defense 90%
Resists Explosive
Shield Energy 700 980 1,372 1,921 2,689
Tech Lab Required VI VII VIII IX X
Time 2d 17h 5d 10h
Mineral Ore 4,329,725 9,507,887
Antimatter 481,081 1,677,862
Time 15m 50s 47m 20s 2h 21m 50s
Mineral Ore 491 2,460 12,301
Antimatter 0 0 0

General Edit

Shockwave Fields are resistant to explosive based weapons and are the second type of shields that players unlock. They take 50% less explosive type damage. They're the second heaviest shields and have the second highest amount of shield strength of the three types.

Shockwave Fields are a less common type of shields used by players, due to the fact that projectiles are the most commonly used weapon in basing at long ranges and energy weapons being the preferred type at close range. They are effective in defending the base against battleships and destroyers equipped with HEX missiles and Plasma torpedoes however. But recently with the introduction of the Metaphase field, the Shockwave fields have become obsolete after mid level stages, as they are vulnerable to weapons such as the Siege drivers and various energy weapons such as Disruptor rays and Thermal beams.

Modules equipped with Shock fields glow orange/red when under stress from attack.

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