Shockwave Shield   Shockwave Field

The Shockwave Field uses reactive systems to minimize the destructive force of enemy Explosive weapons.
  — In-Game Description 
Shockwave Field I II III IV V
Mass 290t 392t 549t 768t 1,076t
Shield Energy 700 980 1,372 1,921 2,689
Defense 90%
Resists Explosive
Tech Lab Required VI VII VIII IX X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 2h 38m 00s 7h 53m 20s 23h 38m 20s 1d 23h 15m 00s 3d 22m 30m 00s
Mineral Ore 9,829 49,178 233,726 1,007,612 5,500,731
Antimatter 0 0 12,301 111,957 970,718
Time 15m 50s 47m 20s 2h 21m 50s 4h 43m 30s 9h 27m 00s
Mineral Ore 491 2,460 12,301 55,979 291,214
Antimatter 0 0 0 0 32,357

Shockwave Field I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


The Shockwave Field is a Miner Rebellion researchable field that resists Explosive damage. It was a strong defence during the Creeper Torpedo Base rushing meta and still is a okay field.

Strategy and Setup


The obvious main advantage to the Shockwave Field is its ability to resist 90% of all explosive type damage. This helps greatly to minimize damage done by blitzing or even sniping weapons like the Creeper Torpedo, Arc Missile, or SICO Missile to name a few.

It also isn't very heavy but not very light at the same time, same goes with energy capacity. Thus, its a good choice if you wish to stay mass efficient while still being able to defend.


However, due to only having a 90% resistance against explosive weapons, weapons like the Siege Driver, Thermal Beam, and many more will all decimate the shield, and since explosive based attack weapons are unpopular with the downfall of SICO/Creeper Blitzes this is likely to happen.

Once you get the Metaphase Field III aswell, it will completely replace the Shockwave Field instantly, if you can equip it. Even if you don't have it, Deflector Field is much better to resist from powerful sniper attacks.


Unlike in ship combat, the importance of Fields is not very high as most of the time, armor is a much better option due to how heavy they are are how little effectiveness they have in the overall defence.

Though, if you have extra mass try to equip the Metaphase Field instead, or better yet the Deflector Field if you don't have it, as Explosive weapons are not very prominent in base attacks.



  • Before the rise of the Metaphase Field and other explosive weapons, this shield was actually a pretty good field.
  • Its easy to tell, but the ship counterpart to the Field is the Shockwave Shield.
  • Just like the ship version, turrets equipped with this glow with a red+orange color, this can make it hard to distinguish against the Metaphase Field.

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