The Ship lab is responsible for researching new ship hulls, as well as new types of armor.
  — In-game description 


The Ship Lab is one of three research labs. Its primary purpose is to research new ships, armor platings for both ships and base modules as well as and cargo holds. An additional functionality is that the ship lab can research hull upgrades needed to produce crafting credits. It can't, however, research blueprint ships, such as the Destiny cruiser or Apocrypha cruiser.


Level Health Max Comp Slot Config Mineral Ore Antimatter Time Collateral Dam Bridge lvl
I 76 90 - N/A 0 N/A 19 I
II 108 130 12,136 3m 20s 27
III 152 180 33,376 50m 38 II
IV 214 250 +Armor 3h 20m 80
V 303 350 - 252,398 10h 114 III
VI 427 490 694,093 1d 48m 160
VII 603 680 +Shield 1,908,752 2d 2h 302 IV
VIII 853 950 - 5,249,071 3d 6h 427
IX 1,205 1,330 12,991,450 1,443,494 5d 17h 48m 603 V
X 1,701 1,860 31,776,882 7,939,220 8d 17h 28m 851


Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
I-III Icon Ship Lab 1 Ship Lab Damaged 1 Ship Lab Destroyed 1
IV-VI Icon Ship Lab 2 Ship Lab Damaged 2 Ship Lab Destroyed 2
VII-IX Icon Ship Lab 3 Ship Lab Damaged 3 Ship Lab Destroyed 3
X Icon Ship Lab 4 Ship Lab Damaged 4 Ship Lab Destroyed 4


  • Many changes have been made to its name and appearance, it used to be called the "Naval Lab".

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