Icon Ship Factory 4

New ships are designed and constructed at the ship factory, making it a critical part of a base's operations.
  — In-game description 

The ship factory is responsible for building ships in the game. Building ships are one of the main sources of experience points. Generally, players don't protect their factory and fit no armor plating or shield slots on the factory to keep the repair time on them minimal. 

Some players choose to place the factory near the center of their base in an attempt to protect it; however, this is not recommended because of the ship factory's huge collateral damage. Factories that sustain damage will pause whatever ship construction, refits or upgrades they are currently performing until fully repaired.

You can rotate the factory by using the arrow keys.


Level Health Max  Mass Slot Config Mineral Ore Antimatter Time Collateral Dam Bridge lvl
I 158 190 - N/A 0 N/A 40 I
II 224 260 16,895 2m 2s 56
III 316 370 46,465 48m 79 II
IV 447 520 +Armor 127,775 3h 12m 168
V 631 730 - 351,385 12h 48m 237 III
VI 891 1,020 966,306 1d 14h 334
VII 1,259 1,430 +Shield 2,657,343 4d 19h 630 IV
VIII 1,777 2,000 - 7,307,690 5d 14h 889
IX 2,510 2,790 18,086,532 2,009,614 6d 9h 1,255 V
X 3,544 3,910 +Armor 44,211,518 11,052,880 7d 4h 48m 1,772
XI 6,000 14,300 +Armor


+Wing x2

176,846,072   58,027,620   8d 6h 43m 12s 2,400 VI


Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
I-III Icon Ship Factory 1 Ship Factory Damaged 1 Ship Factory Destroyed 1
IV-VI Icon Ship Factory 2 Ship Factory Damaged 2 Ship Factory Destroyed 2
VII-IX Icon Ship Factory 3 Ship Factory Damaged 3 Ship Factory Destroyed 3
X-XI Icon Ship Factory 4 Ship Factory Damaged 4 Ship Factory Destroyed 4


  • The ship factory initially had a different appearance when the VEGA Conflict was in flash.

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