The Scythe Destroyer is an incredibly powerful VEGA hull, perfect for laying waste to enemy bases thanks to its massive offensive capacity.
  — In-Game Description 


The Scythe Destroyer is a high level, tier four VEGA Mining hull.

They are rarely seen in PvP combat due to the difficulty procuring the blueprint and with Lance Destroyers being far superior in firepower. Their blueprints are now obtainable in level 40-45 VEGA Cargo Fleets.


Like all destroyers, it has a narrow field of fire but gains a 150% boost to maximum weapon range.

When upgraded to MK V, they are lethal to cruisers, possess innate shield penetration bonuses, bonus weapon slot and reduced weapon's mass.


They have more mass and slightly more armour. With the extra mass, Scythe destroyers possess more armour and firepower than Trident destroyers.

Being able to equip strong armor helps it survive in combat in both bases and fleets. The extra reduced weapon's weight gives Scythe destroyers the option to use heavier weapons boosters.

Scythes destroyers can be upgraded to MK V, due to the fact.

Scythe destroyers are much more easier to upgrade to MK V than Lance destroyers.


Scythe destroyers are harder to obtain and inferior compared to Lance destroyers.

Compared with the Lance destroyer, the Scythe destroyer has one less weapon slot, which is a pivotal reason why Lance destroyers are more prevalent in PvP.

Lance destroyer are also available in Riot rotations, making them arguably easier to obtain for higher level players.


Ideal weapons to equip on Scythes when attacking bases are Siege Drivers, Archer Beams or Arc Missiles.

Siege Drivers should only equip Iridium Magnets when they are upgraded through the crafting system. Players should choose armor and strong shields instead. Avoid using Phased projectiles as they do not increase your firepower.

Scythes armed with Archer beams should equip Focused Optics. with Focus Optics V, they can easily outrange SICO Missile Turrets, which are a very common base weapon that is quite powerful.

Arc Missiles can cause mass carnage, destroying compact bases and taking advantage of collateral damage. A similar if not greater amount of destruction can be achieved with Manifold Missiles and higher level Creeper Torpedoes.

Recharging shields such as Blast Shields and Repulsor Shields can be effective at enhancing the destroyer's survival in base combat if you can take advantage of the recharging. However, Metaphase Shield III is also a solid option, as it can block most damage types.

Equipping Strafe Thrusters V can increase a destroyer's speed at repositioning themselves for sniping out combat modules and dodging projectiles when the decoys go down.

Some players may prefer equipping Armored Holds for extra armour.


  • The Scythe Destroyers don't appear in any high-level Planetary Cargo Fleets nor Sector Cargo Fleets, however weaker versions without shields, known as the Claymore and Maul destroyers, appeared in level 25 antimatter cargo fleets and above, as well as level 30-35 VEGA cargo fleets.