SICO Missile   SICO Missile Turret

The SICO Missile (Strategic Interdiction and Control Ordnance) is VSec's Explosive reply to anyone who gets in their way, or looks at them funny.
  — In-Game Description 
Mass 461t 649t 963t
DPS 33 41 51
DPV 85.8 106.6 132.6
Range 1,800-4,200 m
Projectile Speed 1,800 m/s
AoE Radius 450 m
Spread 30 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 1.6 / R: 1.0 / N: 4
Sound Effects
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 01
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 02
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 03
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 04
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Farming Tier VSec Tier I VSec Tier I VSec Tier II
Fragments 4 5 6
Requirements HEX Missile III Fusion Torpedo III Fusion Torpedo V
Time 53m 00s 2h 20m 30s 4h 39m 30s
Helium-3 1,062,169 2,694,968 5,483,550
Antimatter 187,442 898,323 1,827,850
SICO 1+2+3

SICO Missile I, II, and III, Respectively


The SICO missile is a blueprint weapon that can be obtained from defeating VSec fleets. It functions similarly to the well known Scatter missiles commonly used in auto fleets, which are player fleets that attack and destroy VEGA fleets with minimal damage and no need for control from player's part, although much heavier and more powerful.

Sico 1

SICO missiles are recognizable by a constant, unhalting barrage of missiles.

It is specifically designed for medium range skirmishes. It fires a constant barrage of large missiles at its target, only stopping once the target has been destroyed, or escaped out of range.

They are a common weapon among mid-level players. SICO missiles are a standard weapon on cruisers because of its splash damage, firepower, and overall effectiveness.

Strategy and Setup


SICO missiles are excellent medium range weapons; they have a good balance of explosive radius, projectile speed, spread and range. It is a reliable explosive type weapon, and players often choose SICO missiles for its splash and explosive damage type.

Being an explosive type weapon, it can deplete Spectral shields faster than common energy weapons. It has a rather high amount of explosive radius, and can damage many ships at once if they're grouped together, especially cutters, since they have a small profile size and tend to group together.

SICO missiles have an acceptably high projectile speed, and enough spread to reliably strike its target at medium ranges. They have relatively high damage output for an explosive weapon.
Sico 2

SICO missiles are not as effective at point blank range combat. Spread SICO missiles equipped ships out so they can target enemy ships.

The constant barrage of missiles fired from cruisers is effective in combat. It can force your opponent to split up - if they group together, they will suffer extra damage from the splash damage.

SICO missiles are effective at destroying squadrons.

SICO missiles do not necessitate the use of any weapon boosters to be effective.


Metaphase shields and Strike shields negate the SICO missiles' damage type advantage, and they become more commonly used at higher levels.

SICO missiles can miss high-speed targets when attacking them at its maximum range, particularly if they are not grouped together with other ships, despite the spread and speed of the missiles that are fired.

SICO missiles are rather heavy, particularly the level III version. SICO missiles can be lacking in firepower compared to some of the newest energy weapons, such as Reverb rays.

SICO missiles are also outperformed by most Xeno division Weaponry, especially weapons like the Xeno Cluster Missile.

Their range also means that Battleships with long range weapons such as the Nova Ray, or Vector Torpedo, or even worse Xeno Shatter Driver will be able to kite them without suffering a scratch.


  • The SICO missile actually fires bursts of four missiles before taking a very brief moment to reload, rather than a constant stream of missiles.
  • The SICO missile has a noticeable larger spread compared to conventional Scatter missiles and HEX missiles (30 degrees vs 20 degrees on Scatters and HEX) which makes it slightly less effective against single targets or fast moving targets.


VEGA Conflict SICO Missile Weapon Demonstration00:36

VEGA Conflict SICO Missile Weapon Demonstration

Video of SICO Missile in combat

Vega Conflict - Sico Missile Review02:53

Vega Conflict - Sico Missile Review

Video Explanation of the SICO Missile


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