Rupture Beam   Rupture Beam Turret

The Rupture Beam Turret has a high charge time, putting out a devastating burst of damage in a focused energy beam.
  — In-Game Description 
Rupture Beam Turret I II III
Mass 1,968t 2,952t 3,739t
DPS 282 423 536
DPV 1,579.2 2,368.8 3,001.6
Range 0-3,800 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 4.0 / F: 1.0 / R: 0.6 / N: Infinite
Build (Only obtainable in event Eradication)

Rupture Beam Turret I, II, and III Respectively


The Rupture Beam Turret is the base turret version of the Rupture Beam. Similar to its weapon variant it charges up for 4s and then unleashes all its DPS in 1 second worth of laser. It does the most damage out of any turret in the game heavily surpassing the Disintegrator Cannon Turret.

​Strategy and Setup


The Rupture Beam turret's main advantage is its astronomical amount of DPS. Since its a beam aswell it does alot more than what its DPS shows able to strip even Xeno Division Hulls armor down very easily if they get too close. This damage already surpasses Xeno Rupture Beam II on level II of the Rupture Beam Turret.

Since it is a beam, shielding can not help to aid any hulls during the beam time and charge time. The beam will simply pass through the enemy blocking hull bypassing it and onto the damaged hull meaning once in range and locked on the only way to escape it is to leave its firing range which is impossible during blitzes.

Like its template versions, it has a rather long charge time but will deal it all in almost a second leaving almost no time to exploit its charge time during a sniper or blitz attack.


Like the template version, it also will over commit against damaged hulls wasting an entire charge up sequence to finish it off. It also is extremely bad at destroying squadrons meaning swarms can be used as baiting for it. It also is anti-blitz making it useless against snipers.

It is very heavy meaning only Combat Module XIII can truly benefit off the Rupture Beam Turret without sacrificing valuable armor or shields. Adding Focused Apertures V is almost impractical without it, as the added 100% mass will be too hard to equip on level X or XI.

It also is a reusable item meaning your amount of Rupture's are dependent on how many credits of the Rupture Beam Turret you have. It also is extremely hard to obtain on level III as you would have to defeat very difficult Alien Outposts 80-90 and try to get lucky in random drops.


For Combat Module XIII try to equip Rupture Beam Turret III and Talonite Plates or Heavy Talonite Plates as your armor and try to equip a shield if you can.

Specials aren't recommended as it is a anti-blitz weapons meaning it doesn't need to outrange snipers but Focused Apertures V is recommended if your willing to sacrifice armor. If you want to equip it while having max armor try to equip III or IV.

Since it is very bad against squadrons a few Disintegrator Cannon Turrets or Cluster Missile Turrets must also be added in to avoid swarm baits.



  • The Rupture Beam Turret is the highest damage dealing turret in the game
  • It also is the heaviest turret in the game along side it.

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